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We’re launching a two-week series on Doula Income. It’s a common question from doula students, how much can I earn

This is part two of our series on Doula Income. Today we’re getting deeper into the data, looking at aspects

This is our third and final post as part of our series on Doula Income. Today we are tying together all

It’s amazing how many of our students here at Doula School had an office job prior to starting birth work.

Are you trying to grow your doula business? Whether you’re just starting out, or a doula with over 10 years

I’m often asked by Doula School students and alumni “how did you end up working as a doula?” I’ve got

Alumni Spotlight: Andrea Paul

We have had over 10,000 alumni come through the doors here at Doula School! Each week we’re spotlighting a different

When starting your doula journey and growing your business you’re going to be looking for marketing ideas. In the year

Our network of over 1300 alumni are what make Doula School such a special place. Each month we’re connecting with

May is world doula month and it feels like the perfect time to highlight doulas that are doing an amazing

When you’re starting out in the birth and doula world you probably aren’t going to have a massive marketing budget,

By: Nikita Shahamat (@shop_lovable)   Birth & Postpartum Doula, Hypnotherapist   How does our job impact the way we face

Being a doula is not one size fits all – there are choices to be made and options to be

The initial client interview is a pivotal moment in a doula’s journey with an expectant family. It’s a chance to

Trying to grow your doula business can sometimes feel overwhelming. There are so many different ideas, strategies, marketing tactics, website

By Courtney Elmes   Indigenous perspectives have held the balance for eons: the recognition that we are extensions of the

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