Trust Fall Into the New Paradigm


ASY brings you another freestyle contemplation from yoga teacher, performer, and student-of-life Kendall Rae Moyer.


Fall in love….

…and let the new paradigm catch you.


Love is not a fleeting feeling. It’s a lifestyle. A vibrational energy. Not quite a revolution, but rather an accelerated state of human evolution. A Darwinistic response to the dwindling of Earth’s resources, overpopulation, and the fall of capitalism. A realization that we need to reconnect with the earth and with fellow human beings. We need to go back to the source.

People are realizing this all over the earth. They are practicing leading life with an open heart. This awareness grows and spreads like an amoeba, duplicating itself each day, reaching larger portions of the population as it progresses.

And you can be a part of it. All it takes is one giant trust fall. The releasing of ideals you were once taught that no longer resonate with your highest truth. A cultivation of courage in the face of fear. A grand release that leaves you wide open for love to come and fill in the cracks. A radical act of trust in the universe.

You fall.

You fall in Love.

And the web will catch you. A spidery thin web of pink and turquoise light connecting humans with all sorts of different skills and abilities all over the world.  A web of symbiotic relations that inhales and exhales to provide you with cultivation and release, if you tap into it. It starts with just a few tendrils: You need something, and one person helps you. You have something to share, and you find another in need of that service. There are two tendrils right there. Meanwhile, those two people are throwing out more strands. You can see how the web expands and thickens over time.

And it’s not just energy being shared. It’s resources. Knowledge. Wisdom. Opportunity. Work exchange. Spirituality. Ideas. Emotional support. Connection to the earth. We are all putting in and taking out different things at any given time. Everything is connected.

Trust me–the web is there for you. Many of us now are living with one foot in the old paradigm, with our heads and hearts looking out at a lifestyle that we know exists…but how come it’s not happening for us?

Because. You have to trust. You have to set yourself free. Even if it feels as if you have to chew off your own foot–if that foot is stuck in the old paradigm, it is no longer serving you. You’ll grow a new one.

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