Transitioning to Truth: Reflections After ASY 200RYT + 72HR PDC

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala, photo by Diana Egizi

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala, photo by Diana Egizi

I awoke to the bright sun shining into my bedroom. What activities do we have planned for today? I wondered. As I opened my eyes I recognized the cream colored ceiling. I was no longer in Guatemala. My cozy cabana at The Yoga Forest was far away now, and I had the freedom to plan my own day. This realization stunned me a little bit.

While flying back home to Canada after my training intensive, all I could think was, How am I to relive the passion we had created? How can I move forward without anyone who understands the immensity of what I have just gone through? Culture shock felt like a looming shadow ready to attack upon landing.

To my pleasant surprise, life in the city has treated me very well. I took a few weeks over the holidays to relax and evaluate my lifestyle. Then I felt prepared to make the necessary changes:

I cleared my closet, donating about half of my clothes. I started boycotting plastic bags and single use water bottles. I began networking and interacting with new people. I reached out, and the world responded with opportunities. I started talking to more friends about permaculture. As their interest grew I started making and selling homemade goods as a natural and waste-free alternative to everyday products.

When I came home one of the first things I missed was the strong community support we created for each other, so I began seeking out members of my community with similar goals. The journey I went through with Awakened Spirit Yoga School and The Yoga Forest allowed me to proceed with courage and motivation. I feel fully equipped to take on city life and continue moving towards holistic living. Thanks ASY for giving me the tools to take my life into action.



— Zoë Evans, Staff Writer & Graduate of ASY

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