Awakening the Inner Goddess

We all know her. She’s the superwoman who’s got it all together. She seems to balance everything in her life with ease and enjoyment. Intelligent, wise, strong, compassionate. Her beauty seems to radiate. Is that bronzer? No, its something different. It must be… inner peace.

And who, exactly, is this person? She is the Goddess. The physical representation of Divine Feminine energy. And we all know her because, in fact, she lives within each of us. Whether we are male or female, we all carry both masculine and feminine energy. The key is bringing these two energies into harmony. And now that we begin to recognize the value of the feminine, she is stirring from her slumber, and the more we feed her fire, the more her light shines through us.

As times are changing, the sun is setting on the patriarchal way of living that has characterized the past millenniums. We are stepping into a style of living that is responsive to the cycles of nature. One that aims to understand rather than control. One that pays attention to the way the ripple of our actions effect our surrounding environment.

So how do we awaken the Inner Goddess? Here are nine practices we can use each day to bring her closer to the surface:

1. Realize that you are already perfect

You are the Goddess, a physical representation of the Divine Mother. Artist of all creation. The dance of the Divine Feminine in perfect motion. You are music. You are light. You are unmistakably beautiful just as you are. Admit this to yourself. Take ownership of your infinite strength. Do not fear your own power or make yourself smaller to make others more comfortable. You are be-you-tiful!

2. Be here now

Whatever you’re doing right now, stop and take a deep breath. Come into the moment, your surroundings. What do you hear? See? Feel? Quiet the mind, and drop into the awareness of your inner self. This is your life, right here in this moment. It is not the discussion you had with your partner before walking out the door, nor is it what you are making for dinner later. Bringing your full intention into whatever task is at hand- this is the meditation. This is spirituality–when habit becomes holy. The Goddess performs each action with complete love and awareness–from morning yoga, to washing the dishes, to driving home from work.


3. Listen

The Goddess knows that the most powerful form of alchemy is to truly listen. She listens with full presence, with the objective of understanding rather than simply listening to respond. Quieting the mind and coming into contact with the song between sound. Listen to your inner truth. Bring awareness into your surrounding environment. Truly absorb what your friend has to say without categorizing it based on your own experience. Everyone on Earth has a story to tell, and the great secret is this: At the end of the day, everyone on Earth just wants to be heard.

4. Exercise your voice

The Earth, the wind, the sea–they all speak through the Goddess. The voice of the Divine Feminine, Mother Earth herself, is one you know quite well. Your own voice. What does she have to say? Maybe she needs to sing her heart out. Perhaps she wants to be silent today. Practice refining your voice. Imagine that the vibration of your words is what creates your reality. Can you bring more compassion into the way you communicate with loved ones? Is your inner voice one that you would want to listen to? How can you speak with more clarity and conviction? Can you improve the power of your words?

5. Find your edge!

Can you find the edge of your comfort zone? If so, can you stand to teeter on that edge for a few minutes? The Goddess loves the thrill of conquering her fears. Finding small ways to expand your comfort zone each day will boost self esteem and encourage growth. How about that Power Vinyasa class you’ve always wanted to try? Or striking up a conversation with that really awesome person on the bus?


6. Indulge

Goddesses love to be pampered. Treat yourself. Put yourself in the way of beauty. Create small altars in the home or workplace so that you can be surrounded by what you love. Indulge the senses: light some incense, put on relaxing music, and draw yourself a luxurious bubble bath. If you’ve only got 5 minutes, rejuvenate with a piece of chocolate or giving yourself a quick foot rub. You are the Universe experiencing itself. It would be a shame not to enjoy it.

7. Nurture the ones you love

The goddess doesn’t need to have children to offer motherly love. The matriarch rules with empathy and compassion. She first takes care of her own needs, then shares her abundance. Her strength is gathered from a place of infinite love. Make a practice of offering nurturing and support to the loved ones in your life (especially YOU). As women redefine our role in society, this can be a challenging time in many ways, and some may be unsure what their role is. Let’s breathe love into the spaces where fear is holding us back.

8. Connect to the Earth

The goddess knows that planet Earth is her home! We all have busy schedules, but making a goal of spending just 5 minutes a day with the earth can tune you into her natural rhythms. Listen to the birds, stand in the grass, step out at night to look at the moon. Find a daily habit of expressing thanks; gratitude leads to abundance.

9. Find your community

Before the invention of electricity, women’s bodies naturally came into rhythm with the cycles of the moon. This connected us not only to the Earth, but to each other. It is important that women transcend society’s limiting belief that we need to compete, but rather work together to empower one another. Find your community that celebrates each other fully and holds each other up in times of struggle. If you are seeking a community like this but have not found one yet, try searching online for “Red Tent Meetups” in your area. These are monthly gatherings created to unite females!


When we begin to realize that we are in control of our reality, we are empowered to stand in our true nature as creators. Release conditioned fear to make room for instinct. Quiet down ego to create space for the heart. Surrender. Believe. Love.

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