My Mother, Our Mother

There are times when a loss of a Mother is felt more strongly…

A deep sadness washed over me this morning as I watched my inner child longing and crying for her Mother. Wishing she could share one more moment with her, to be held in her arms, to see her beautiful smile fill the room, to smell her sweet essence…most of all to exchange in the infinite unconditional love that exists so naturally between a Mother and child.

As I witnessed this melancholy, a part of me wanted to drown in the suffering and embrace the pain with familiarity. I could choose to engage in the spiraling of thoughts in my unconscious mind and lose myself in fear, self-pity and loss. This would be easy as it was a path I knew well and a hole I had fallen into many times.

Our Mother is all around us.

I allowed these thought patterns and feelings to continue without clinging to the sensation, without grasping to the outcome. Finally, I let go and surrendered to the unfamiliar. All the chatter slowly dissolved and what remained was a reminder… Our Mother is all around us. She holds us from beneath our feet from the depths of the earth. She’s the moon illuminating our path in times of darkness. She’s the reflection in the waters in times of uncertainty. Her whispers are carried by the ocean’s waves, serenading us in sweet lullabies when we feel lonely.

This Mother’s Day, I am thinking of all the radiant divine feminine qualities that exist in all beings, the compassionate Mother that lives in each of us. We all hold the capacity to nourish the children of the universe. We all share in the joy of creation and light.

Giving infinite gratitude for all the Mothers who carry this light within there hearts, inspiring us all to step into our true nature. To love unconditionally and to be love.

Invocation of the Cosmic Mother

Oh Great Mother, divine feminine, birther of the cosmos, lover unto spirit, Creatrix of all matter and queen of all the worlds within worlds and those without, we call you to us in this hour.

We are your children; hear our call.
We are the daughters and sons of your divine Union, the flesh of your passion for life. You, who lay with Spirit, our Father, in the beginning of time, and brought us forth from the blessed Union of Spirit and Matter, we are your children, the sons and daughters of your flesh and your heart, and we remember your touch and the fragrance of your essence, and we long for you.
Come to our hearts and gift us the remembering.
Come to our minds and open our genius.
Enlighten us with your presence.
Draw back the veils that we might see, and harken the doors to open, that beauty and ecstasy may live in our homes and hearts more fully.

This is our hour of greatest need. We call you through fire and water, through earth and wind, through all that bears your name. We call all your lineages and all your names. Come unto us. Come into us. So be it.

– Judi Sion, The Magdalen Manuscript

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