Bye-Bye Bottled Water


Send love to your endocrine system and to Mother Earth by kicking the bottled water habit once and for all!

Here’s three main reasons why it’s worth the effort:

Care for our Earth.

Bottled water contributes not only to unmindful consumption that depletes our natural resources (precious water, petroleum for plastic), but often is flown from exotic locations. Plastic pollution is one of the most visible forms of pollution we may see on a daily basis; animals on both land and sea suffer from the consequences of a bottled water culture. If we tap into our love for Earth and her creatures, we can more easily make this change.

Care for your body.

Plastics contain toxic chemicals called xenoestrogens that mimic estrogen in the body and are disruptive to our hormonal balance. When plastic is heated, the levels of chemicals released into the water rises exponentially. Since the human body is made up of about 85% water, the quality of the water we consume makes a huge impact on our systems. Drinking healthy water is a beautiful form of self-care.

Care for your wallet.

Did you know that simple carbon water filter is more cost effective and can do the same job as filtered water bought from the store? Over time, if we treat our own water using filters and love, we can reduce reliance on pricey bottles.

Care for communities.

Most bottled water is distributed by large corporations (e.g. Coca-Cola) who privatize the water sources, meaning that they legally “buy” the water and prevent others from accessing it. As a result, whole communities can lose a natural, free water source that has always been their birth right. Often this happens in third world countries where the affected people may not have the ability to fight for their rights. Opting out of bottled water is opting out of direct support for water privatization.

Through tapping into our compassion for Earth and her creatures we can kick the bottled water habit from a place of unconditional love! Let’s be the change we wish to see!

Lifestyle Tip:

Dark Forest (Wood Collection), from S’Well, $35 USD.

Bring a reusable water bottle out with you that is made of non-toxic materials. Our favorites go to’s are Clean Kanteen and the beautifully crafted S’Well bottle that also doubles as a thermos. Reusing glass bottles also works great and is a beautiful way to reduce consumption.

Community Action

Here’s a great blog determined to Ban the Bottle! Check out the resources available and inspiration for leading your own campaign in your community.


For more in-depth information for the education of yourself, friends, and family. These are just a few of many out there. You can usually screen them on Netflix or YouTube in full.

Flow: The Film
A World Without Water
Blue Gold: World Water Wars
The Story of Bottled Water (from the makers of The Story of Stuff)

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