The Vibration Station: Healing Through Sound

There is a whisper that has been heard throughout nearly every indigenous culture on our planet and a fact that science has now put its stamp of approval on: everything is made of vibration. From the stars in the sky to the tiniest neutron and protons, to the trillions of cells within our bodies. In fact, these cells in the human body vibrate at 14 times a second. Therefore, if we think of ourselves as instruments that can go out of tune due to stress, cultural pressures, money, and unfulfilled paths, it would make tremendous sense that working with sound as a healing tool would help bring us back into resonance.

Most traditional cultures have their practice in healing through vibrational sound. From the mantras of India, to Gregorian chanting, to Medicine songs of the Americas, we learn that this work has been used for many generations and the effects of music and sound are powerful healing tools. There was an understanding that working with sound and vibration not only moves our entire make up into greater health, but is also a transformational tool to create and stimulate new neural pathways that drop us into a deeper meditative state. In my practice I use both vocal and instrumental sound for everything from meditation, emotional release, ceremony and celebration, as well as a physical/mental/spiritual healing tool.

How to work with Sound, simply.

An simple exercise to feel the immediate effects of sound is by placing one of your palms on your heart, one on your belly. Breathe deeply and close your eyes. Start by chanting OM at whatever tone or pitch that feels organic for you. Don’t worry about what your voice sounds like, just allow the sound to move. Notice the vibration in your hands. You may feel it most predominantly in your chest or belly. The human voice is said to be one of the most powerful sound healing instruments we have accessible to us, so take a moment in curiosity to feel the resonance using the simple mantra of “OM/AUM”.


Possibly one of the oldest forms (older than 1000 BC) of working with your voice as a healing practice is the use of mantra (man – mind, tra – tool). Mantras are sacred, numinous sounds in Sanskrit that are said to have great energetic and psychological effects. Chanting out loud is a beautiful way to free your voice and to use sound as a potent meditation tool. Some simple mantras I use often in my meditation circles are the following:


SO HAM – I am That (I am Divinity, I am made of Divinity)

HARI OM – Universal protecting + devotional mantra

OM SHANTI – Om Peace

AHAM PREMA – I am {filled with} unconditional love.



Using vowel sounds (ah, eh, ee, oh, oo) are said to be sounds that invoke compassion, love, gratitude and feelings of wholeness. You can use these vowels by picking any starting note and use intuitive singing to transition between vowel sounds, pitches and tone. Notice what vowels and sounds feel the best to you. Try working with this free form way of vocalizing a few times a week to notice the effects!

Drone Instruments

Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, Indian tanpura, shruti box, or chimes are all wonderful instruments that can leave the sweetest effect. They are easy to chant, tone or sing to, but are also tools alone that when played will provide a meditative response in our systems.

Use of sound as medicine has many dimensions, with many different options to explore. Start simple. With a world that is wearing our systems thin with stress and anxiety, working with sound as a meditative and healing aspect surely can help guide us back to resonant health and allow us to maintain a natural rhythm with our bodies, minds and hearts.

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