Moon Flow: Cycle of Life

Everything has a cycle. Beginning, middle, end. The earth as it rotates through the seasons. The moon waxes and wanes. It pulls the tide in and out each day. Projects, ideas, and relationships follow similar patterns. Your body, as well, has a 28 day cycle—and it’s not just about when you menstruate. This 28 day cycle is comprised of four phases- one week per phase. Learning about these four phases of the cycle will allow you to better understand how to care for the needs of your body, mind, and spirit.


Week One- The Sage- New Moon

During this time, energy is drawn inward. You are the Sage, the Wise Woman. Quiet observer. Strong & Noble. Menstruation begins. The uterine lining is shedding. Your body releases an offering of blood that holds enough nutrients to bring a brand new baby to life. As your body releases what is no longer necessary, this is a good time for inner processing, intuition and reflection. This week carries the energy of transformation. With death brings the energy of new life. Now is a time to reflect on the past month, evaluate what is working for you and what isn’t, and set intentions for the one to come.


Week Two- The Maiden- Waxing Moon

Week two is the first week after menstruation. It holds the magic of infinite possibilities. It’s all about the young and carefree energy of The Maiden. She is loaded with raw potential waiting to be formed. They call her The Virgin, not because she is not sexually active: she is a virgin because she belongs to herself. She is not owned by a man. This is the week of clarity, concentration and focus that comes just before ovulation. Energy is increasing. This week has the energy of the seedling. It is a great time to initiate new projects and ideas.


Week Three- The Mother- Full Moon

Week three holds the nurturing energy of the mother. She is compassionate, loving, and attentive. She is overflowing with energy at this point and yearning to share the abundance. Energy is focused outward. This is a time of celebration! Embrace your wild spirit, gather with friends, and howl at the moon! Now is the time for outward focused creativity- relationships, teamwork, and support. The full moon represents fertility- and now is the time for ovulation. The womb is prepared to create life.


Week Four- The Enchantress- Waning Moon

The final week before menstruation carries a slight sense of urgency. Think Mother Wolf, on her last hunt of the night—determined to feed her family. It is the body’s last chance of conception. She has seen it all, and knows exactly what she wants. She has little patience for those who don’t know what they want or that which does not serve her. Emotions run high as her energy begins to shift inward. Extra care should be taken to check in with oneself this week and make sure you are acting consciously rather than reacting. Combined ambition and urgency make it a great time to seal deals and finalize projects.

Why I Offer My Blood To The Earth:

My blood represents my life force. My gift of creation. That which nourishes life- just as the earth has nourished me through every breath. My moon blood is an offering of gratitude to the earth, and a thank you for all she has provided me. Offering my nutrients back to her completes the cycle of nourishment—creating a symbiotic harmony of giving and receiving.

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