The Eco Traveller: Staying Sustainable on Adventure

We feel you!
We have the travel bug too.
We love adventures.

And we also love sustainable and budget-friendly adventures!

How can I afford to travel and keep it sustainable?

Sometimes there can be stress around traveling on a budget while still maintaining sustainable practices. It’s true that we don’t always have our compost bin at hand or a place to purchase Earth-friendly soap. That’s why planning ahead for items to bring and opportunities to explore is a great idea! Being open to community living, sharing, and going-with-the-flow are, of course, extremely helpful!

Here’s some wisdom from the ASY team from different experiences travelling around the world:

Part 1: Opportunities for Exploring

Part 2: The Nomadic Backpack

Part 3: On-the-Go Tips

Part 4: Conclusion

Please comment below with thoughts, questions, or contributions to the resources in these pages! We’re super excited about community networking and resource sharing. We are well aware there’s so much to learn and grow from in the world of eco-travel. Namaste! – Team ASY

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