Women In Circle

women in circle

We are experiencing a collective shift on our planet right now as we reawaken to the Divine Feminine energy of the earth. We are remembering our intuition and the wisdom of emotion – attuning to the natural rhythms of the moon, sun, and tide. Although this divine energy exists in every being, women tend to be the primary torch carriers. But we can’t do it alone. Women in circle create a collective healing energy that empowers one another and expands into the greater community. We meet to heal the collective wounds of Mother Earth and our ancestors. We mirror each other’s strength, and support and nurture one another through whatever process we may be going through. We stand stronger in community.

“Women in circle form a collective being, a third eye through which the earth oracles” – Marna 2012, We’Moon

At the New Moon, the dark skies cue a time of self-reflection and self-care. Traditionally this is when women are menstruating, and are in need of more support from each other. We use this time to come together and tune in to how the menstrual cycle can empower us.

To hold a Women’s Circle you need not be a Holy Sage or Ascended Master! In fact, anyone can initiate it, as each individual will bring her own Divine Wisdom and life experiences. All you have to do is create a safe container, and invite everyone to share. This doesn’t have to be elaborate – you can start small with just a group of friends. See how the circle expands in time, as more women are called to join in.

Tips for creating a powerful Women’s Circle:

1. Prepare Yourself to Hold the Space

You are responsible for the flow of the group – maintain a safe and nurturing environment and allow each woman to be seen and heard. Take time before the circle to set clear intentions, protect your energetic field, and step into your power. I find it helpful to appoint another sister to help hold the space and take care of details.

2. Prepare an Altar

Create a community altar using crystals, candles, flowers, tarot cards, and collected bits of nature. This creates a centralized space for women to gather around. You can invite them to bring sacred items of their own to contribute.

3. Initiate with a Grounding Meditation

A short meditation will give everyone a chance to ground, drop into their heart or womb space, and connect with what they are feeling. This would be a great time to have an assistant sage the outside of the circle, clearing the energy and collectively raising the vibration.

4. Set Ground Rules for Creating a Safe Space

Create some rules and guidelines to help set up a comfortable sharing space for everyone. Nothing is repeated outside the circle. No gossiping. Remember, we all have had very different experiences leading up to this point, and must be careful not to pass judgements.

5. Share Astrological Insights

Sharing what is happening with the planets can offer more insight into our collective experience and attune us with the rhythms of nature and the cosmos. I like to read the New Moon insights from Mystic Mamma. I usually pass it around the circle, having each woman read a paragraph. This gets people warmed up to talking in the circle, and opens the floor for collective participation.

6. Invite Each Woman to Share

This is a time for each woman to share why they chose to attend the circle. I like to use an object such as a flower or feather to pass around the circle as a talking stick. This ensures that each woman has a chance to speak. You can initiate the sharing circle by posing a few prompts. Here are a few formats I like to use:

1. Who are you?
2. What did you come here to release?
3. What is your intention for the coming month?
4. What is something you’re excited about?

1. Who are you?
2. What are you seeking?
3. What would you like to offer?

7. Open the Floor for Poetry + Art

During this time, you can put the talking stick away and open the space up to anyone who may have a quote, song, insight or other form of art to share with the group.

8. Close the Circle

Guide the awareness of the group into their heart or womb space. I like to ask everyone to thank themselves for coming. Thank the spirits, guides, or ancestors for their wisdom. Closing with a few “Om’s” can be nice as well. Pause and reflect on all that has been opened up and released. 

These guidelines will set you up to hold a deeply nourishing Women’s Circle of your own. Feel free to experiment with the listed suggestions, but also tune in to your own intuition to uncover and develop unique exercises of your own. You will discover which ones work organically within your circles that make for a powerful and connected space within your community!

Enjoy. Connect. Empower. Heal.


With Love,
Kendall Rae Moyer

Are you holding Women’s Circles in your community? We’d love to hear your practices and insights in the comments!

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