YTT Part 1: Could I really become a Yoga Teacher?


“Quiet the mind and the soul will speak” – Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

The path to signing up for a Yoga Teacher Training is a teaching of yoga in itself.

I welcomed yoga into my life five years ago. Like many, I began practicing for the physical aspect – to stretch out my tight limbs and calm my anxious mind. Last year, something guided my weary backpacking body to a Yoga Centre situated on an Island just off Vancouver, where I lived for six months as a ‘karma yogi’, offering Seva: selfless service. During this time, our yoga community held space for many people coming through to complete their Yoga Teacher Training (YTT). 

I never thought of becoming a teacher – I felt like I still had so much to learn. But my understanding of yoga expanded and after witnessing the shifts and transformations that the YTT students experienced, the seed was planted in my mind and in my heart…

‘I want to learn more. I want to learn how I can authentically live yoga’. 

I was feeling the calling to dive in deeper and expand my understanding and knowledge. The greatest part of learning, is teaching. I knew it was time to let go of my fears and self-doubt and listen to my intuition that was guiding me to enroll in a Yoga Teacher Training. 

If you, like me, are feeling this calling, you will probably resonate with many of these reasons as to ‘why’ to take that next step and enroll:

  • To understand the anatomy of the body, proper alignment and how to take your physical practice to the next level. 
  • To explore how mindfulness and breathing practices can connect you deeper to yourself and a higher source.
  • To nurture and align your mind, body and spirit.
  • To learn how to foster compassion in the relationships already rooted in your life and form new connections and friendships.
  • To gain a renewed sense of purpose and passion that will empower you to be the change you wish to see in the world.
  • To meaningfully explore and access your deepest potential and expand inner freedom through living yoga.

You just have to Google yoga, and you will come up with a million more reasons why to practice and study this ancient spiritual science. 

The first step is to ask yourself: “Is this my truth?” 

If your intuitive answer is YES, then take that leap of faith.

Even if the logical part of your mind may come up with many reasons why not to…‘I am not advanced enough yet,’ ‘it’s too expensive,’ it’s not the right time.’ This is your ego offering you an opportunity to release self-limiting beliefs and attune to your higher-self that knows your worth and your unlimited potential. 

So – I made the empowering decision to sign up for my 200-hour yoga teacher training. I put it out into the universe then followed the signs that led me to one of the most magical places on Earth – Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. The choice of Yoga teacher training certficiations and courses are abundant here, yet it was Awakened Spirit Yoga who caught my attention with their holistic program that integrates yoga with permaculture and community building.

As I begin preparing for the course which commences in two weeks, I am feeling all the feels. Excitement, nerves, inspiration, fear etc. If you have already completed your YTT I am sure you can resonate with this emotional process. If you’re dreaming about it and are still uncertain, I FEEL you. I know many others standing with one leg in the boat and one on the shore, which is why with the support of the ASY community, I have the opportunity to share my YTT journey with you.

This is part 1 – making the choice and signing up for YTT. Stay tuned for Part 2 – my experience throughout the program and Part 3 – YTT, now what?

I hope that my blogs inspire you to attune to your own inner-knowing. We have all the answers we seek within us, we just need quiet the mind so we can hear. Trust yourself. 

With love from my heart to yours, 



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