A Ritual for Equinox


March 20th at 12:15pm EST marks the time of the Vernal Equinox in the northern hemisphere. A day when light equals dark. A day to celebrate balance. A day to initiate and celebrate new beginnings, to plant the seeds of our collective future. As the sun moves into Aries, we once again find ourselves at the first sign of the Zodiac, the beginning of the astrological new year, and an auspicious time to take stock of where we are at, release what we no longer need and take action towards an optimal future state.   

For me, the beginning of the calendar year 2018 brought with it the word harmony as an intention. Since that time, I’ve been exploring practices that support my own harmony with the natural rhythms around me. So why celebrate Equinox? Taking some time to recognize Equinox in my own way supports my alignment and harmony with nature. Similarly it can be helpful to acknowledge the moon cycle, the seasons and the solstice. All in the name of harmony. So, if you’re with me…let’s get our harmony on!  

A Ritual for Equinox

The following is a suggested approach for recognizing Equinox, please feel free to adapt to what feels in the flow for you. You may want to celebrate solo or invite some lovely people to share the moment with you.

If possible, get yourself outside, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere here’s hoping that by March 20th we can be frolicking in the forests in our barefeet (I’m in Toronto, and I realize this may be wishful thinking). However, if weather isn’t cooperating find a cozy spot in your home.

Before you get started take some time to consider the following questions, you may want to have a journal with you to record what comes up:

What kind of world do you want to live in?

How do you want to feel everyday?

What seeds of intention can you plant now in order to harvest what your heart most desires?

Now, set up your space to acknowledge the Equinox: you may want to light a candle, bring some sacred objects and place them in a circle, find some treasures in nature and arrange them towards the east (the direction of new beginnings and the element of air). Get creative, what kind of space do you want to set up for yourself? What arrangement will support you to feel nourished and comfortable?

Begin by welcoming the 4 directions and the elements (earth, air, water, fire and ether), and your guides and team if this feels appropriate. Take a few moments to settle into your new space, and bring your focus to your breath. You may want to drop into meditation or simply sit and breathe.  Draw your attention to your heart. Relax your shoulders and allow your chest to expand, creating space for the heart to open. Return to the questions and spend some time with each one, noticing what comes up for you when you ask from the heart.  

Imagine with as much detail as you can the kind of world you want to live in. Engage all of your sense in this exercise, allow your imagination to let loose and roam. What creative changes can you make to adapt to this new dream? Welcome any new ideas that arise to support this imagined state. Stay here as long as feels good to you. When you feel complete, thank the directions, the elements, your guides and your team. Share your gratitude with mother earth and father sky for their roles in maintaining the rhythms of life.  

Our imaginations are powerful, although the pursuit of our dreams does require us to take action.  Consider one action you could take to move closer to your imagined reality. Start small, and remember that action doesn’t always need to be grand and ambitious, despite what we commonly see on a daily basis in society. What is the next step for you? What is one small action you could take everyday to move towards your desired future? How can you creatively express the seeds you are planting with your intention?


Blessings for a beautiful Equinox and may we all have the opportunity to imagine and take action towards a harmonious future for all beings on this planet.  

How are you marking this Equinox? Share your story in the comments below!

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