Heart Centered Leadership


What happens when we allow our hearts to lead?

Our minds are pretty awesome – no doubt – it organizes our thoughts, helps us to prioritize needs, keeps us safe and regulates many of our bodily functions so that we don’t have to. Awesome. Thank you mind! However, if we are interested in truth, alignment and expansion, the heart is our champion. The heart knows what’s up and spending time developing a connection to and relationship with the heart is a beautiful way learn more about yourself and to receive guidance that is alignment with your highest purpose.

Take the next thought that pops into your head – now ask yourself if it’s true, without judgement. If the answer is yes, ask yourself if you can REALLY know that it’s true. Is it?

Our mind is a master at presenting thoughts meant to keep us safe, which can be helpful at certain times, but not all of the time. In essence, the mind, based on deeply held patterns and beliefs often creates a rather limited view of reality for us to operate within.

Imagine it like a little safety box where our mind believes we are safe and contained, there are thick bright yellow lines as borders to our safety box. If we step towards those lines or cross those lines (gasp!), our mind resists with all sorts of thoughts that are most often fear based. These thoughts lead to emotional reactions that can cause unease, anxiety and even panic. So, if we want to live outside the safety box, a shift in attention and awareness is required. The heart knows no limits, and although our hearts are often tender and wounded, it is also the place where we can access an incredible reserve of love, compassion and possibilities for expansion. The heart contains the fuel we require to leap outside our safety box and still feel ok about it. We may even feel awesome about it. Because generally, that’s what our hearts want us to do, to follow the calling of the heart and be willing to be surprised.

Bring your awareness to your heart centre and just rest here for a little while. Get quiet and ask your heart a question – what does your heart want to say to you?

The heart generates the largest electrical field in the body, at 60 times that of the brain, and from a magnetic perspective it is estimated to be 5000 times more powerful.

From ancient times, the importance of the heart has been understood, and the Egyptians believed that the heart was the seat of wisdom and the home of the soul. The heart indeed holds untold wisdom, capacity for love, and ultimately truth. Developing a relationship with your heart can yield guidance that you may never access when using the mind. The very first cell that forms upon the fertilization of an egg is a heart cell. The rest of our body’s cells are differentiated from a heart cell. Technically we are all one big walking heart! That says something doesn’t it?

So how do we develop an enhanced relationship with the heart?

We invite you to join us for a series on Heart Centered Leadership where we will explore our hearts and share tools, guidance and experience in accessing, learning from, and listening to the heart for inner transformation and outer change. Stay posted for dates!


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