Earth Day Spotlight: TreeSisters

TreeSisters: Women Seeding Change

TreeSisters: Women Seeding Change

Imagine if womankind decided to channel their love and generosity towards a collective dream of re-greening our world.

ASY is shining the light on this rad female powered initiative this month. Take a stand for trees this earth day and join an initiative to reforest with TreeSisters.

What we like about them:

This ecofemme movement is combining earth based spirituality in the mission to restore and re-green our tropical forests as a collective expression of planetary care. Members are invited to participate in the change movement through fund generation and participation in online learning.

Women on a mission:

These eco-heroines aim to plant 30,000 trees a year in Brazil, Madagascar, India, Cameroon, Nepal, and Kenya, eventually reaching planting a billion trees a year. That is a serious leap towards a greener planet!

How you can support:

Join one of their online courses, become a member, or spread the word about these activated change agents. Find out more


We all play a vital role in the restoration of our planet. Share with us! How are you a part of the shift? Email us or comment below.

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