Full Moon in Sagittarius: Illuminating Truth

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The full moon shines in Sagittarius on Tuesday, May 29 at 10:19am EST.

This full moon activates our freedom loving nomad – the one that wants to get out and explore, to experience new adventures and to roam lands unknown.  We may find ourselves seeking adventure – a quest for our deepest truth.  Or perhaps we will feel the urge to break away from that which limits us, in our inner or outer worlds, taking steps towards expansion and growth.  Emotions are often potent during the full moon, and you may want to take some time to create the space and allow emotions to be felt, to move through their natural cycle.  It is entirely possible to become fully entwined in the emotional rabbit hole, as our consciousness is drawn into this narrative.  I like to think of it as a black hole of drama.  If emotions are coming up for you, remain mindful that we all have the capacity to observe and feel emotions from a place of stability.  This scenario will inevitably play out to some degree, however now is the time to return to our practice, coming to that place of equanimity even when we are feeling all the feels.  A daily practice of finding that place of equanimity inside, even if for a brief moment, can help to realign our consciousness to our potential, rather than our stories and ultimately the black hole of drama.

If you wish to honour this full moon, a ceremony will support the energy to illuminate your truth, which can shine light on your deepest desires for freedom and growth.  A full moon ceremony may be as simple as lighting a candle in honour of the moon, cleansing your space by using sage or incense, spending time in silence and journaling any insights or thoughts that are present.  Dedicate your yoga practice to the moon and bring the energy of illumination and freedom into each pose, notice what comes up for you and how you feel when you practice this way.  Consider using the following questions as prompts for your journal or for a conversation with a close friend, partner or relative.

The full moon is about illumination and completion.  What is being illuminated for you at this time?  What is coming to a close?  Where is your soul asking you to travel for your own personal growth and wellbeing?  What are your deepest desires that seem out of reach but may be closer than you think?  How can you see another’s truth, perhaps even someone whose values you don’t agree with?

Extend your gratitude to the moon and her regular cycle in whichever way feels good to you.  This is the time to tune in and listen to what comes, and to harness the natural rhythm to support growth. 

Thank you moon for your wisdom and your presence – may the moonlight support the illumination of the highest truth for all. 


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