How Do We Build Community?

Together we are stronger

Together we are stronger

Even when good people get together to work in co-operation for the common good, interpersonal problems often occur – some of which may seem insurmountable and cause wonderful projects to fail. In my experience living in community over the past 10 years and running an organization, I observed a need to build the time and space to develop processes and practices which facilitate connection with one another within our projects. The silver lining is that these challenges can lead to breakthroughs and a deeper authenticity in our relating. Through shifting our perspective, we can uncover multiple tools and solutions.

Permaculture examines how actions within and upon a system should bring benefit to the system as a whole. When permaculture is applied to human communities and social systems we can begin to build holistic and sustainable foundations in our relationships, communities and networks. Social systems can be organized to be more egalitarian, less wasteful, and less damaging to the natural ecosystems and communities that they exist alongside and depend upon.

It really does begin at the inception of the idea, the conceptual lunar phase, the intention setting for the project and this in turn guides which building blocks and systems need to be in place. Our projects and organizations begin from our relationships, with zone 0, the self and includes the wild and natural world and everything in between.

What excites me most about this approach is that with incredibly simple tools ideas can be made accessible. We can fold in the spiritual, the personal, the collective and the global. Patterns, connections, and solutions begin to emerge. When ancient wisdom is combined with observation, self-study and new technologies, obstacles yield to innovation and creativity. I admit that these ideas can be difficult to grasp in a society that teaches us to focus on individual ‘nodes’ (people, plants, animals, things), rather than the relationships between them. A holistic approach to life and work design can provide ways to reconceive how we shape communities for the benefit of everyone within them.

Over the month we’ll be digging deep and unraveling questions but also approaches through yoga, permaculture and self-empowerment for a more sustainable world. We’ll be meeting in community over social networks to share tips on conscious communication, open up space for discussions and share tools to spark hope and purpose on and off the mat.

If you’ve ever asked yourself how the *@#! can I implement this in my life, connect with us on FB Live this International Environment Day – Tuesday June 5th at 8pm EST. We’ll jam on the many ways we can harmonize our inner and outer realities using these ancient tools & technologies. How can yoga and permaculture be catalysts for change in our communities? Join the conversation!

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