New Moon Magic : Meditation & Intention setting


The moon is earth’s oldest temple, she is deeply connected to the tides of our waters. The cycles of the moon hold much magic that can guide us in our day to day. New moons are especially known for their relationship to new beginnings.

This Thursday July 12th will be a New Moon in the sign of Cancer; there is also a partial solar eclipse at the same time.

According to astrologers the energy of a solar eclipse can amplify the energy of a new moon, making it a perfect time to use this energy for transformation. What is particularly potent about a solar eclipse is that it’s energy can last up to 6 months after it takes place.

Below is a reflection and intention setting exercise to help you harness the energy of the skies for your highest good and transformation.  

What is particularly potent about a solar eclipse is that it’s energy can last up to 6 months after it takes place.

Reflection Exercise:

Set aside some quiet time, 15-30 minutes to be on your own.

Turn-off your phone and let people that you share space with know that you won’t be available for a designated period of time, to not disturb you.



If you have an altar, I invite you to sit at your altar or find quiet space that feels safe and good to you.

You can journal this exercise or just meditate upon these questions.

Inviting your body to relax, take a few deep breaths.

  • Breathe in all the way down to your root: I am grounded
  • Breathe into your crown: I open and welcome the highest essence of my self to be present
  • Breathe into your third eye welcoming the energy of the moon showering you, cleansing and illuminating your inner vision.
  • Breathe into your heart the warmth of the sun feel yourself open to its radiance.

Take a moment to look at your relationships, career, friends, home life, health and notice what comes up.

Focus on areas of your life that feel ready to be transformed.

  • What is ready to be transformed for the better?
  • What is calling you to change so that your soul can evolve for you to live a higher version of you?
  • Is there a cycle that feels ready to end and a new one to begin?
  • What possibilities are available to you right now that feels in alignment with your heart and higher purpose?
  • Is there something that you feel called to follow and create into action?
  • What intentions are you ready to set and feed with your energy for next 6 months?
  • Is there a new project that you have been thinking of starting, that is ready to launch?
  • What new behaviours and ways of being can support you in bringing about new movement into your life?
  • Feel free to ask yourself any other questions that might come up to there surface during this meditation.



Allow yourself to be silent and still for a few more minutes after you feel complete with your process.

Take a moment to thank yourself for taking the time to connect and listen.

If you have time I invite you to write your reflections down along with new goals that you are setting for yourself for the next six months, this is a perfect time to reflect on the remainder of the year as we are just past the 6 month mark.

Supporting your intentions

Take time every morning or evening to sit and be with your intentions, your can bring them into your meditation or yoga practice.

If you have access to crystals I invite you to use this crystal recipe: moonstone, sunstone, and labrodorite to enhance your intentions.

Need one on one support to bring a big change to fruition? Looking for a crystal consultation? Or want to know more about how to connect to the moon? Drop me a line, I would be happy to connect.

Much love and blessings to you on your path,


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