Full Moon Eclipse: Choosing love over fear

The full moon shines her light in Aquarius on Friday, July 27 at 4:20pm EST. In truth – she shines her light, until she is eclipsed, for AN HOUR AND 23 MINUTES, which makes it the longest eclipse of the 21st Century.

The eclipse means that this full moon is an especially potent event.  The rays of the sun which normally illuminate the moon will be interrupted for over an hour.  This full moon will do its best to illuminate that which you most need to see.  We all have parts of ourselves that we may not be super comfortable hanging out with.  We all have stories and experiences that have hooked us in a certain way, that we tend to repeat until we understand the root of the behaviour.  Our stories, emotions and patterns tend to hide out in dark places, because we put them there.  When they hide in the dark they limit our freedom by creating invisible walls that we won’t go beyond.  We have the power to dissolve these walls, however if we don’t know where our actions are arising from, this can be difficult.  When we live within walls we are most often making choices out of fear, rather than love.

This eclipse allows for a deeper exploration into the depths of who we are, into the roots of our fears.  The moon holds the wisdom to reveal that which we haven’t been ready to see, or haven’t seen clearly before.  Pay attention to what is happening in your life – what is rooted in the dark may come to the surface.  Observe with awareness and notice if you are feeling grumpier or more frustrated than usual.  This could indicate an underlying issue that needs to be addressed, and is emerging into the light.  Once illuminated, we now have the opportunity to take action.

One action that everyone can take is to start or maintain a regular, personal practice.  If you don’t have a personal practice, now is an opportune time to start one.  A personal practice doesn’t have to be an onerous commitment, even reserving 10-20 minutes each day for yourself will help you to reconnect to your inner truth and the essence of who you are.  Simple breathing coordinated with movement, a series of sun salutations, a walk in nature, or moving meditation are a few options.  Anything that you can do regularly that will give you space from the “busy-ness” of life, helps to move you towards alignment of body, mind and heart.  When we are in alignment, it is much easier to make decisions based on love, rather than fear.  And right now our world desperately needs more humans to be choosing from a place of love. 

This may not be obvious at first but committing to a regular activity, carried out with gentle focus and attention (not the kind of focus and intention that makes your brow furrow, but the kind that keeps you engaged and committed, hopefully with a smile on your face), will help to center and ground you.  Pay attention to what is happening in your life at this time, are you stepping into a new reality or are you repeating old patterns and stories?  This is an opportune moment to take some time to notice what most needs to shift in order to find alignment. 

The following questions can be used as prompts for your journal or for a conversation with a close friend, partner or relative:

Are you taking a step forward or repeating old patterns – what is happening in your life now?  Remember that old patterns show up in different ways until they are addressed.

Are you living within your comfort zone or are you exploring opportunities that are edgy and move you past your walls?  Remember there is a time and place to be in our comfort zone, however if we never leave we will remain limited in our choices and our freedom.

Are you making choices based on love or fear? Tune into the energy that you are making decisions from, and know that there is nothing more powerful than love and truth

What is the reality that your soul most wants to step into at this time? 

What do you need to release in order to step into that reality?

Be gentle on yourself over the next few weeks, there are a lot of cosmic happenings in progress and the energies appear to be ramping up.   Prioritize your self-care practices and tune into your needs, the rhythm and wisdom of nature can provide a solid base for transition. 

Thank you moon for your wisdom and your presence – may the moonlight support the illumination of the highest truth for all. 





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