Samvega: A Personal Reflection on Waking Up

Ganges River, Rishikesh, India

Ganges River, Rishikesh, India

Samvega ~ The call to wake up.
An unveiling of sorts after which nothing is the same.
The soul’s yearning to shift like as we know it to realize it’s true purpose.
A draw to people, places and situations that support this miraculous metamorphosis.

Can you think of the precise moment when you knew that things would never be the same? When you decided that it was time to shed, to expand, to grow, to harmonize, to heal, to activate, to step up, to surrender? 

I remember one day being on the subway, bag overflowing with stuff. Books, yoga mat, clothes, pens, keys. I worked as a therapist in a hospital by day and a Chinese medicine clinic in the evening. I taught yoga classes in between. I was keeping up with the race but something didn’t feel right. Can you relate?

As I raced down the stairs to make the subway, my bag strap broke. My belongings flew across the platform, on the train, on the track. I was horrified. The doors of the train were going to close. I picked up what I could as people squeezed around me to get by. In that precise moment I needed to decide: On or off?

In deep clarity I realized: there are things that you carry with you, things that you leave behind and things that you lose and will never see again. I was on the train, bewildered. Something needed to change and indeed something had.

Yoga gives us the foundation to discover freedom. Through study, movement and breath we tune into this natural state that arises from within us, sometimes unexpectedly and independently of outside causes and conditions. When we experience our own true nature and potential we can tap into that wellspring wherever we are.

What first called you on this journey? When did you know things needed to change? We would love to hear from you.

Blessings on this sacredly imperfect path,


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