A Letter to the Universe…


Write a letter to the Universe.

It’s one of the most powerful ways you can take charge of your life and direct energy towards the way you intend it to go. It may just be one of the best things you ever do.

Letters are a therapeutic and meaningful way to communicate your thoughts and feelings. So speak from the heart, be true (no one has to read it but you) and write with clarity.

This helps you actively acknowledge the powers that be that brought you into existence and recognise that those same creative forces also reside within you. You also gain a fresh perspective on what you really want out of life.


Dear Universe,

  • GIVE your thanks of gratitude for everything you already have in your life.

  • ASK or tell the Universe what you want to learn, achieve, find, gain, lose, etc. Be specific! And don’t be shy – everything is possible and we live in abundance (but don’t be demanding either)

  • VISUALISE each request, instilling a stronger sense of its potential to become a reality as you do so.

  • VOICE your letter by sharing it with somebody close to you, or reading it out loud.

  • BELIEVE you deserve it.

  • TRUST that whatever comes your way is meant for you. Life brings whatever experience is best for the evolution of your consciousness, so accept the upcoming lessons, however they may appear.

  • KEEP your letter somewhere safe and revisit it from time to time; it works as a beautiful reminder.

  • CHANGE the letter whenever need be as you go along through life and grow. Or create new ones as you watch your journey flourish… they will be wonderful to look back on in years to come to see how things have happened!

Here’s a few snippets from the one I wrote (it’s rather long and very personal hence why I don’t share it all):

I ask for guidance to lead me to where I need to be and to always feel safe, loved and protected wherever I go”

I ask that you be kind when bringing surprises my way”

“Only genuine, authentic, real beings are in my midst”

“My creative flow is encouraged and inspired… my words of expression flow with ease as I am constantly fuelled with divine energy”

“I will collaborate with like-minded beings on the same wavelength, to bring magic to the forefront of this world”

“The healing power within me is nurtured and grown to the full extent to which it will help others along their journey”

“A DOG! I’d like to meet a little companion one day who’ll be my adventure buddy”

I’m convinced that if everyone created one of these letters, they would find more direction and follow their soul purpose (what fulfils one whilst also contributing to the whole) with ease. It is such an empowering thing.

Believe in the process and believe in the magic… but most of all believe in yourself. We create our own destinies… so embrace the Youniverse!

Love, Coco

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