New Moon, New Year, New YOU?


Welcome to 2019! This New Year arrives on the cosmic scene alongside a powerful new moon in Capricorn on January 5th at 8:29pm ET.  As we enter into a new calendar year, the new moon presents us with a partial solar eclipse, the first of five eclipses in 2019.  An eclipse can be experienced as a profound turning point that catalyzes new beginnings, endings or the changes that your soul has been calling for.  The eclipse heightens the impact of this new moon, which will have a prolonged effect lasting for up to six months, until the next eclipse in early July. 

It is a fertile time to plant some beautiful cosmic seeds, as they will continue to be supported to grow and expand for many months to come. Now is a potent moment to start something new, especially in the realm of career and creative projects. Capricorn seeks to develop patience, discipline and the courage to discover and focus on your soul’s aspirations. What are you aiming for in 2019?  What feels juicy and exciting?  What boundaries will help you to align to your truth?  Are you in resonance with your current career? Is there a creative project that is asking to be birthed?

This astrological combination can bring immediate clarity to that which is in alignment, and that which isn’t – and this can translate into unexpected life events.  If big changes are presenting themselves at this time, consider the personal responsibility in your response. It is ultimately up to us to accept or resist the flow of life.  Resistance to the flow most often creates deeper challenges.  As the energy of the universe asks to move through you in a particular way, you have a choice: allow and flow with the current or resist the energy.  When we resist where does the energy go? Resistance can cause a build up or blockage that will seek to find expression in an alternative way.  Resistance often manifests as a sense of “stuckness” in life, as an injury in the body or as an illness. Resistance isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it can help us to see our upper limits and better understand the root of our fears.  No matter where you find yourself on the spectrum of flow – from “in the flow” to stuck, there is something to be learned, to be loved and to be transformed. Consider where your yoga practice can help you to move the energy caused by resistance.

Let’s also get real about the hype and “newness” associated with the New Year, this new moon and the eclipse. It can be easy to get lost in judgment about the YOU that you are most meant to be, or to get swept up in the common approach to starting the year off with all cylinders firing. Take time to tune into what you need right now, with a willingness to be surprised about what that is.  Bring awareness to your capacity for acceptance and self-compassion.  Perhaps what you really need is rest and relaxation. Perhaps a new YOU is simply an awareness towards greater personal honesty and clarity around what your heart is yearning for.  Perhaps the most beneficial thing you can do for yourself at this time is to take a luxurious bath, get out in the nature or go for a massage.  Release the need or pressure to create your life manifesto this weekend.  Get quiet and ask yourself what is most important for you at this time?  What do you need to cultivate your inner growth? Where do you need more nourishment?  More honesty?  More self-compassion?  What is YOUR definition of success for 2019?  From this personal definition of success, revisit the questions above around what you are aiming for in 2019.

After this weekend all planets are direct until March 5th, which means that there is a cosmic flow that is ready and waiting to support you in your path towards a deeper discovery of YOU, towards what you define as success, towards the potential that exists when you acknowledge and embrace your whole being. Find the inspiration that motivates you, and remember that good news, beauty and unconditional love does exist in this world. If you need a reminder that good things are indeed happening despite the turmoil, division, violence and chaos that is regularly shared through mainstream media peruse 99 Good News Stories.

May we all hold space for our collective definitions of success. May we access the grace to celebrate and love each other’s wholeness and may we plant the seeds of potential for a harmonious year ahead. Go forth and align with the cosmic flow, and let’s see how much love we can bring into 2019.

Gratitude to @madisonperrins for the epic artwork.

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