Dance as a Pathway to Bliss



In 2012 I had a spiritual awakening experience through movement. Some would label my experience as a kundalini rising, others an out of body or trance experience. Labels or not here is what I can affirm. Please note no psychedelics were consumed in this experience.

Earth under my bare feet
Full moon sky and ocean air
Fire a blazing
Beat of sacred djembe drums
A wave of rhythm flows into my being
A rush, a tingle, a rhythm that feels as old as time
My body is being taken over I try to resist but there is no resisting the beat of the drum calling to me
My mind is scared of what might happen if I fully let go and allow myself to be consumed by this power
The rhythm has move up my feet into my legs into my root the base of my spine
I feel strong and connected to the elements of Pacha (earth)
Spirit whisperers to me let go… you have nothing to fear…
The wave of energy gets bigger, I can no longer resist and surrender to the pulsing energy in my spine
Surrendering my limbs
I am no longer in control of my movement
I am no longer thinking
I am no longer holding back the sounds that are erupting from the depths of my body
Everything starts to dissolve, my body, my surroundings
I enter into a trance of ecstasy
Rapture into Oneness
Not sure how long I trance for
The rhythm of the drum changes calling me back into my body
My body slows down and I realize that I am laughing and crying, body buzzing, electric, happy, ecstatic beyond belief
I lay on the ground feeling so alive, connected, free, reborn

That night changed my life.

The experience deeply reminded me of my connection to Mother Earth and Father Sky that there is no separation.
That our bodies are gateways to bliss. That we are the elements of earth, water, fire, air, ether.
That we are alchemists.
Vessels for light.

This is why I dance, to remind myself of my cosmic and elemental spirit.

Love, Liz

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