Motivating Yourself To Get On The Mat

Art by @christinecreative

Art by @christinecreative

I think us Yogis would all agree just how much we adore Yoga.

So why is it so darn hard sometimes to just roll the mat out and get on with it?

Whatever the reason, we’ve all been there.

So how do we get past it and get on that mat?

Here’s some motivation for exactly that…

  • Remember how great you feel after your practice!

  • Recognize the self-sabotage of NOT practicing

  • Prioritize your practice instead of leaving for later

  • Give yourself a kick up the bum! Seriously what is holding you back?

  • Dedicate a specific time every day and COMMIT

  • Don’t stress about the amount of time you practice (10 minutes can be just as beneficial as an hour some days)

  • Make mini-goals for yourself and treat yourself when you reach them (like practicing for a certain number of days in a row)

  • Go easy on yourself – remember, even if you improve by only 1% every day that’s 365% in a year!

  • Create a playlist of your favourite songs to flow along to, or find one (there’s plenty on Spotify)

  • Listen to the wise words of Mooji, Sadhguru, or another renowned Yogi for inspiration

  • Gather for joint practice with friends so you can encourage and learn from each other

  • Find a regular class in your area

  • Follow the flow of a YouTuber you resonate with (I find Adrianne is awesome)

  • Experiment with different styles (e.g. Bikram/Kundalini/Yin)

  • See it as a dance of energy

  • Do your own thing – have fun with your practice however feels right for you!

  • JUST DO IT (Shia LaBoeuf style)

What other advice would you add?

Thanks to @christinecreative!

Thanks to @christinecreative!

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