Magic of Cacao Medicina

~ Toasting process, by Kakao Mischa ~

~ Toasting process, by Kakao Mischa ~


Or perhaps more fitting – who doesn’t?

Guess what – chocolate happens to love us, too.

IXCacao is known as the Spirit of the Cacao Tree, a Goddess of the Earth.

The different between Cacao and Cocoa/Chocolate: Cacao is raw, closer to source and without all the processing (i.e. adding lots of extra and perhaps unnecessary stuff).

As a vasodilator, she opens up vessels in the body and allows easy blood flow from the heart. As a nootropic, she enhances memory function. Mood boosting, pleasure enhancing – she has been known throughout the centuries as a treasure of love.



♥ Make with love, always!

♥ Sing a little song/say a little prayer to her spirit whilst chopping and preparing mix

♥ Melt slowly in the pan and add water gradually, or boil sufficient water then pour on in

♥ Add ingredients to your liking. Vanilla/cinnamon/ginger blend in with her flavour a treat! (To give you an idea, I like to add a pinch of salt, cinnamon, ginger, chilli and some honey ~ you can change this up depending on how soothing/stimulating you’d like the concoction to be)

♥ Explore your own connection to the medicine and delve into what heart magic you can create!



♥ Hold your cup in your palms, in front of your heart

♥ Close your eyes and melt into the warmth

♥ Take a deep breath and let out a sigh…

♥ Bring the cup to your nose and inhale her gentle aroma. Take your time breathing in and appreciating her essence.

♥ After a moment, think of what guidance, wisdom or energy you would like to invite in. Whisper your intention or blow into your cup.

♥ Raise the cup to your third eye, thanking her for her presence and blessings

♥ Enjoy as you wish!



♥ Allow the energy to move through you as the unique expression of your combined spirits!

♥ Engaging with Cacao before an Asana flow, quite literally. changes my life.

With love, Cacao Coco ♥

* Awakened Spirit will soon be supplying a supportive connection to Cacao and her medicine through farmers/co-op in a direct & sustainable way…

* In the meantime, Kakao Mischa can provide you with this link through his loving and ongoing project to share Cacao’s magic with the world!

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