India Needs Our Help

We owe everything to India. Our brothers and sisters need our help. We cannot immerse ourselves in the powerful practice of yoga, yet turn a blind eye to what’s happening in India right now.

India has maintained a deep impact on the world for thousands of years. The word ‘yoga’ comes from the Sanskrit term ‘yuj’ which means to unite-and today we should come together to give a helping hand to India who is experiencing the world’s worst COVID outbreak.

We are much stronger together, and they need our collective help. Hospitals have run out of basic medical supplies, and many are dying due to oxygen shortages and in record numbers.


1. Donate!

Here are some of the causes our Awakened Spirit sangha is donating to now, and we encourage you to make an impact and donate now:

  • Mission Oxygen India fundraiser with the Democracy People Foundation
    An initiative by Delhi National Capital Region (NCR) -based entrepreneurs to help raise funds for importing oxygen concentrators a donating them to hospitals
    2,8542 donors have raised 75% of the $4,723,000 USD goal with only 3 days left to reach their goal, please DONATE NOW!

  • Help patients breathe as they battle COVID fundraiser with is India’s largest & most trusted donation platform, with 1.5M+ donors & 150+ corporate partners supporting 2,000+ NGOs, impacting 10M lives
    32,700 donors have raised 84.5% of their $4,049,514.47 USD goal

  • Oxygen Relief project with the Hemkunt Foundation
    (Donations accepted from within India only at this time)
    Based upon the principle of ‘Sarbat Da Bhalla’ – ‘Welfare for All’, the Hemkunt Foundation is NPO offering Humanitarian Aid, Education and Healthcare in the New Delhi area

  • #OxygenSOS – Giving India a Breath of Life fundraiser by Youth Feeding India
    Youth Feeding India is a group of young Indians on a mission to feed the hungry! Sourcing through local suppliers & distribution by an ecosystem of NGOs across the nation.
    29 donors have raised 2.5% of their $ 134,961 USD goal with 29 days left to donate.

  • Mumbai is battling hunger along with Covid-19 campaign by the Khaana Chahiye Foundation
    A citizen initiative to fight hunger powered by the cities of Mumbai and Thane,
    7575 supporters have raised 80.4% of $ 50,000,000 goals with 12 days left to support!

We want to hear from you – in what ways are you donating your resources to support India during this crisis?

2. Share this post to spread awareness.

3. Consciously support

Awakened Spirit is donating 5% of the proceeds from our May 2021 Sacred Earth YTT, our 4-Month 200-Hour online Yoga Teacher Training that runs MAY 29-AUG 22 to to provide both oxygen and food. Spread the word and consider signing up!

Our friends at Scoria, who designs outrageously creative yoga pieces and imaginative cork yoga mats, are donating $5 from every yoga mat purchased in the next 3 weeks to to provide oxygen and food to those in need.

If you are supporting a related cause or donating sales to support Covid relief in India, please comment below or email us your organization in the comments. ♥️ Every little bit counts.


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