What Does it Mean To Nurture?

As the seasons change we are aware of the natural cycles of the bloom. Spring inspires us to tend to our gardens and plant seeds for the cycle to come. In our practice we can move with intention, in Traditional Chinese Medicine we connect to the wood element known for its strength and flexibility. We align intentions with providing the nutrients our aspirations need to grow and tend to our wellbeing on and off the mat. 

Learn The Art of Rest

~ Plant the Seeds of Intention
~ Increase Resiliency
~ Nourish Yourself
~ Heal and Transform with Yoga & Chinese Medicine

No matter if we feel connected to our lineage, we can call forward this powerful energy of self-love, nourishment and water the seeds of goodness within ourselves and one another for this is the season of renewal and new beginnings.  

We would love to offer you this gentle practice, to enliven this energy within and restore your nervous system in this season of beginnings.

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