Ayurveda & Lactation Support

Ayurveda is deeply rich in wisdom that holistically cares for the pregnant parent through the perinatal period. Charaka Samhita (scriptures written on Ayurveda) state that the food a mother consumes during pregnancy is utilized 3-fold; it nourishes the parent, milk production, and the baby.

Bodyfeeding has the potential to be an incredibly connective and satisfying experience. However, many new birthing parents discover challenges with lactation production, latching issues, and sometimes pain. Ayurveda teaches that it’s important to holistically support the overall wellness of the bodyfeeding parent to establish lactation production. The following information gives an outline of Ayurvedic methods to nourish lactation.

1. Herbs and Spices: Fenugreek and fennel seed are two of the most commonly used spices for lactation support. They both stimulate milk production by enhancing the hormones responsible for lactation. Other herbs that are often used to support lactation include shatavari, blessed thistle, and goat’s rue. These herbs can be consumed in the form of tea, capsules, or powder. Shatavari is often mixed with a traditional carrier such as ghee, milk or honey.

2. Nutrition: The consumption of nutritive food is essential for lactation. Ayurveda teaches that certain foods can benefit milk production and milk quality. These include foods that are rich in protein, such as lentils, beans, and nuts, as well as foods that are high in iron and calcium, such as leafy green vegetables, milk, and yogurt. Consuming healthy fats such as ghee, coconut, tahini, and avocado is encouraged. Spices such as garlic and ginger are also widely used to support lactation production.

3. Yoga Asana: Bodyfeeding may enhance slouched postures and create tenderness in the upper back and shoulders. Asanas which help to open the chest and release the upper back are extremely helpful to relieve this discomfort. Using asanas after feeds can be a beneficial self-care tool to soothe sore muscles and open the chest.

4. Love and Support: Ayurveda encourages a truly supportive postpartum period that cocoons the parent; baby in love and comfort. While, this is not always possible, these traditional teachings emphasize never leaving a new birthing-parent alone. They need warmth, love and care to support them in establishing a calm connection to baby- especially in the early ebbs of flows of bodyfeeding. Receiving guidance through a lactation consultant can help solve potential latching issues and reduce nipple pain. Adequate sleep and stress management are essential for maintaining and promoting milk production.


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