10 Doulas to Follow on Instagram

May is world doula month and it feels like the perfect time to highlight doulas that are doing an amazing job on Instagram! When we’re on social media it’s always a delight when discovering new birth workers and getting to go through their pages. Whether it’s helpful tips, funny memes, birth photography, or inspiring stories, there is always so much learn and take in. We narrowed the list down to 10 doulas you need to follow.



This is Zoe! One of our alumni here at Doula School. Zoe is a doula that splits her time between Toronto, Canada and Sydney, Australia. What makes her account so unique is that Zoe is both a doula AND birth photographer. Her stunning photos chronicle her life as a doula along with client journeys. The artistic feel of this account really helps set Zoe apart from the pack. If you’re a doula with a creative eye, try to find a way to infuse that into your social media content. You can follow Zoe here.



Do you have a website for your doula business? We believe that a website needs to be foundation of everything you do in marketing your services. It’s the place people will find out about you, read about packages, and ultimately decide whether to hire you. Having a great site is where Julia from @douladesignco comes in. She is a designer that specializes in working with doulas and birth workers to help them create stunning Squarespace websites. Her Instagram account is filled with examples of templates you can use for your website. Sometimes we’ll peruse her page just looking for design inspiration! You can follow Julia by clicking here.



Is there a better follow in all of birth social media than The Naked Doula? Emma is to birth content what Michael Jordan is to basketball, there just isn’t anyone doing what she is doing. Her page is bursting with color, as Emma is also a graphic designer, and infuses her creative skills into all the posts. You’ll find a combination of birth stories, tips, affirmations, infographics, and of course her signature birth flash cards! The birth cards are some of the most stunning we’ve ever come across. If you’re looking for cards to share with your clients, check them out here! We’re always inspired by Emma and how her page is constantly pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible on social media for a doula. You can follow the page here.



Something we probably don’t talk about enough in the birth world is the importance of food and nutrition. That’s where Lindsay “The Food Doula” Taylor comes in. Her page is all about providing tips for food that you can use during pregnancy and postpartum. There is a terrific cookbook you can order online from her page, along with a free postpartum nutrition class to register for. Each day you’ll find new tips and tricks for combating things like low iron, making the best smoothies, budget friendly food solutions, high protein ideas, and more. It’s clear she’s an expert in her field and it really shines through in the content. You can give Lindsay a follow here.



Chanel may look familiar as she is the doula that interviewed VP Kamala Harris about black maternal health and doula work! Chanel is a mother of 6, birth worker, activist, speaker, and consultant based in New York. She is the founder of Ancient Song, an organization that provides full spectrum doula care and training for doulas in New York. Her page provides so much valuable information about issues and challenges new parents are facing, specifically in under-resourced communities. We have learned so much from Chanel and are excited to keep engaging with her page. You can follow here.



Another member of the Doula School family, Jennifer Rogers is also the owner of Fitmom Durham! Jennifer is one of the Program Directors for the Lamaze Childbirth Educator Program here at Doula School. When not working as a doula and teacher, she helps people on their pregnancy and postpartum fitness journey. Fitmom is an organization that provides a combination of online and in-person classes to help parents wherever they’re at in their fitness journey. Their classes include things like prenatal fitness, fitmom and baby, and the innovative fitmom stroller strength. Jen always brings the energy to her classes and social media content. On her Instagram page you’ll see that her positivity is infectious. It’s a great example of how your doula page can provide content across multiple disciplines. You can follow Jen here.



Liz lives in Ontario, Canada where she works as a birth doula. Her page is great for several reasons. First, her quotes are unmatched! We’re not sure where she finds them, but everyday they always seem to hit the spot and help keep us stay inspired and engaged. Second, is her reels, Liz will often have interesting time lapse videos demonstrating some self-care or will pop on to share a bit about her own life and experiences. This Instagram page is a perfect example of how your page can truly feel like YOU. Liz has added her own touch to every post and video that helps you get to know her better with every interaction. You can learn more about Liz by following here.



We recently came across Max’s page and have been wowed by the content and message. Max is a gender and transition doula based in Iowa who specializes in supporting trans, nonbinary, and gender diverse individuals explore their gender identity and pursue gender-affirming care. The page covers a lot of important topics that are impacting communities along with sharing moments from Max’s life. Additionally, Max has an incredible website at www.maxthedoula.com. If you’re looking for a site that is beautiful, easy to use, and really showcases your business, you’ll be inspired by Max. You can follow here.



Another member of the Doula School family, we wanted to highlight the amazing Kathrin Auger! Kathrin has been leading our Postpartum Doula Program for the last few years, training student doulas virtually from her home in Los Angeles. She has been a trailblazer in the birth world for over two decades. Starting her career in Switzerland as a Registered Nurse, before getting certified as a doula in 2003 and finally becoming a postpartum doula trainer in 2007. Her page is overflowing with color and a very unique feel. She has content that applies to people at all stages of their birth worker career. Whether you’re looking for the definition of a doula, or to dive deep into the most important trends and topics of the day, Kathrin has a little bit of everything. You can follow her here.



Orgasmic Birth is one of our favourite accounts on Instagram. Here they challenge the status quo and promote the idea of a pleasurable birth. Founder Debra Pascali Bonaro is a leader in the birth space who has made such positive strides for birthing persons. The page includes everything from serious topics like addressing fear during pregnancy, to fun dances with clients and their team of nurses. They also regularly share inspiring birth stories that remind us of the power of doula work. With over 85,000 followers this is one account you need to add 😊


Are there other doulas and birth workers you’ve been enjoying on Instagram? Let us know! Tag us and we’ll make sure to share with the larger Doula School community.

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