8 Ways You Can Improve Your Doula Business TODAY

Trying to grow your doula business can sometimes feel overwhelming. There are so many different ideas, strategies, marketing tactics, website builders, and more to try. And once you’re done with all of that, you barely have the time and energy to devote to your clients – which is the reason you do birthwork in the first place!


Thankfully, not everything you do to grow your business needs to be complex. We’ve gathered 8 of our favourite sales tips that can help you reach more clients TODAY. Take a look at the list below and pick 2 or 3 that work best with your goals and give them a shot!


Write down your sales goals

This one seems obvious, but we speak to a lot of doulas who don’t have specific goals and objectives written down. We all have the general goal of “help more people” or “get more clients.” However, once you put pen to paper and lay out detailed goals it can help you be more focused and effective. For example, a broad goal would be trying to get more clients. A specific and measurable goal would be, I want to average 2 clients a month in 2024. Now you have a goal to work towards and can start to build your strategies and tactics around that.


Try using google ads

You’ve heard us talk about goolge ads in the past and that’s because it’s THE most cost-effective way to reach new birth clients. With google ads you know you’re reaching people who are searching for terms related to doula work. If you have a website this is an awesome way to get traffic in a short period of time. And it doesn’t need to be expensive, with some doulas only spending a $1 or $2 a day and still seeing results. If you’re not familiar with google ads that’s ok, there are lots of step-by-step resources online to help you set up your first campaign.


Email Email Email

You know how there is that old saying in real estate that it’s all about “location, location, location!” Well that’s sort of how birth work is, except instead of location it’s all about email. There is no better way to stay connected to your clients (and potential clients) than email. There are a few different ways to approach your email strategy. It could be sending out a bi-weekly newsletter to both past customers and email leads. Or it could be an automatic email funnel sent to people who express interest on your website. There are a bunch of tools available online. Some of our favourites are ConvertKit and MailChimp.


Introduce yourself to other related businesses in the area

This is a terrific way to get more connected with your community. Maybe you work as a doula in a small town where there is also a physiotherapist, a prenatal fitness centre, a local life coach, or any other business that could be somewhat connected to birthwork. Stop by and introduce yourself (either in person or virtually) and see if there is an opportunity to work together. Some businesses are open to sharing clients or setting up a referral / commission system where they could send doula clients your way in exchange for a fee. Make a list of 5 small businesses in your area.


Ask for reviews and testimonials

It’s one of the age-old ways to grow your business – have previous customers sing your praises. Sometimes we can feel a little awkward asking past clients to provide a review or testimonial. But the truth is that most people are more than happy to give their feedback. Once you have the testimonial you can share it in several places like via email, social media channels, google reviews, and on your website. Research has shown that testimonials can play a BIG role when someone is deciding whether to work with you.


Add another service

A quick way to add more customers is by creating another revenue stream. Maybe you’re a birth doula who can get certified for postpartum work as well, or take a feeding course, or start a group for prenatal fitness, or something else closely related to birthwork. You never know what’s going to end up being your niche. Trying out different services and investing in yourself is a great way to find what works.


Pick 1 or 2 social channels  

There are SO many different social media platforms to try. From Facebook, to Instagram, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter (now X), and more! Creating content for each of them can quickly become a full-time job (on top of being a doula). We always recommend picking 1 or 2 channels you feel comfortable on and doing a really good job on them, while ignoring the others. This allows you to improve your social media skills without feeling overwhelmed by the volume of content and time required to manage 5 or 6. If eventually you have the bandwidth to add more channels, then that’s something you can consider down the road.


Find a Doula who is crushing it

Is there a doula in your town or city, or online, that you look up to? Someone who is doing an amazing job and seems to always have a waitlist of clients waiting to work with them? Take a close look at how they’ve built their business. What do their social media channels look like? How often do they post? What kind of content? How have they set up their website? What services do they offer? You can model parts of your business after this person and learn from their success. Ideally there are 2 or 3 doulas that you can keep a close eye on and learn from as you as you.


Are there other business building strategies you’ve been finding successful? Make sure you tag us on Instagram, we’d love to hear more.

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