10 Ways to Grow Your Doula Business

Are you trying to grow your doula business? Whether you’re just starting out, or a doula with over 10 years experience, we’re all looking for unique ways to connect with more clients and bring doula work to those that need it. As a small business, there isn’t always thousands of dollars to spend on sales and marketing, so how do you grow? We pulled together some of our favourite techniques to grow your business without breaking the bank along the way.


Use CANVA for Design

CANVA is a great online tool that mimics a lot of graphic design functions that traditionally would have required an expert. If you’ve ever tried to use a design tool like photoshop, you know that it can be complicated. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and like you need a degree to create social posts, brochures, or website designs. CANVA has made all of that super easy. You can create a free account and start designing today. It’s especially helpful for doulas starting out who don’t have a lot of budget available for sales and marketing. Click here to try it out!


Host a Giveaway

If you’re looking for a way to generate some buzz around your social channel, hosting a giveaway can be a great technique to attract followers! Select a product or service and allow potential customers to enter for a chance to win. It could be something like “retweet for a chance to win a free childbirth class” or “tag a friend to win 30% off doula services.” We’ve found in the past that the most successful giveaways involve products that can be used by anyone. Such as “win a Starbucks gift card…etc.”


Refresh Your Website

When was the last time you updated your website? Go through each page and make any required changes. This will have several benefits, such as improving your SEO results and making it easier for customers to navigate content. It’s important that when a potential client lands on your page they feel welcome and you present instant credibility in the field. Think of your website as a retail store front. It needs to be bright, inviting, and well kept.


Create a Fridge Magnet

A classic marketing tool – creating a small card/magnet that can be affixed to a customer’s fridge. A terrific way to stay top of mind. It could be “5 pregnancy self-care tips” or “5 affirmations for parents.” Make sure to include your website, social handles, email…etc, so that a customer can quickly reference the magnet and get in touch. There are several ways to distribute magnets once they are produced. If you have the time, you can go door to door in your area. Or, with a little bit of budget, you can work with your Postal Service to distribute them to select neighborhoods. While this may seem expensive, it can be affordable if your target area is small enough.


Attend an Industry Event

Networking at birth related events can be a tremendous way to meet others in the industry, leading to exciting partnerships. Talk to other birth workers in your area to see what events they are attending. It could be a local conference or a virtual event with professionals from across the country. By meeting other doulas you’ll be able to learn more about the field and what’s working for them. You may also find like minded individuals who you can work together with in growing your business. As doulas we don’t have to work alone. There can be significant benefits to working together and forming agencies or cross promoting services.


Create a Loyalty/Referral Program

When we hear the term “Loyalty Program” we first think of BIG companies like Air Miles, or PC Optimum Points. But the idea of a loyalty program doesn’t have to be complex, it just means rewarding people for being your customer. It could be something like “receive a $50 Starbucks card when you refer a friend.” Or “save $100 on doula services if you sign up for multiple childbirth classes.” Make sure you are rewarding existing customers by offering them items/discounts that no one else has access to.


Develop an Email Funnel

When someone shows interest in your services do they receive a set of emails? Despite the growth of social media over the last 10 years, email remains perhaps the most powerful marketing tool available. No other platform allows you to get to the top of someone’s inbox on a regular basis. Do your clients have an easy way to contact you via email? When they do reach out, do they get a set of emails that talks about your business, shares testimonials, and provides special offers?


Thank You Cards

After a client uses your service you can send them a thank you card. It’s a relatively inexpensive idea that sets you apart. This is a small touch that clients really appreciate. As a doula you work with clients during some of the most special and important moments of their life. Providing a hand written thank you card is an amazing way to show you appreciated the experience and being part of their journey.


Try Instagram Ads

Instagram is THE place for doulas these days. It can be a crowded place to stand out if you’re only using organic content. If you have some budget available, we’d recommend trying out paid ads. You can promote yourself in a hyper targeted area to focus on clients you can serve. Experiment with static ads you create in CANVA, or fun video content. Learn more about Instagram ads here.


Google Ads

If you have limited marketing dollars available, spend them on Google. The ability to find clients based on search terms is unparalleled. Many doula are nervous to try google ads because it feels overwhelming. While it’s true that to become an expert on google ads you need years of experience and expertise. However, google has set up their platform in such a way that anyone can create a relatively simple and straightforward campaign to promote their business. There is perhaps no more powerful tool to grow your business quickly. Click here to learn more.


Check back in the coming weeks as we share more ideas to super charge your doula career!


Doula School Team

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