Breathe Intent

When we are born, the first thing we do (before all the crying) is breathe.

This is why, in Yoga, we must always return to the breath. This life-sustaining force that welcomes prana (life-force energy) into our being, connects us back to those first innocent moments here on earth.

During Asana practise, we use the breath as a guide for our movements – inhalation for expansion; exhalation for the release.

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My Journey into Awakened Spirit’s Sacred Earth 200 Hour YTT

Embarking on such a journey with the unique and genuine souls I was surrounded by was such a pleasure amongst these teachings. As one of the most wholesome periods of my life thus far, it set me up on a path to places I can envision with so much clarity in the future. One of my intentions was to find more direction and I now know I’m becoming ever closer to my calling as I seek to maintain that inner peace we’re all so fond of.

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Exploring Our Edge

In today’s world of Yoga, exploring our edge is something heard often – but what exactly does that mean? It involves leaving that much loved zone of comfort in order to find real area for growth, having the bravery to peer into into the uncertainty of not knowing yet wanting to discover, whilst testing the limits.

In the legendary ancient Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali, Sutra 2.46 mentions Sthira Sukham Asanam’, ‘Sthira’ meaning unwavering/stability and ‘Sukham’ being comfortable/sweetness. In regards to postures and edge exploration, this can be seen as applying a subtle effort to find that sweet spot right between the ease and the challenge. (On a cliff edge, you would have the perfect view of below without being blown off the top).

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Gratitude: A Way of Life

The majority of cultures around the world live their life through thanks – really taking the time, energy and enjoyment for the acknowledgement of this blessing of life. It seems we’ve lost our way somewhat. I learnt recently that the Hawaiian saying of Ho’oponono ‘I’m sorry; Please forgive me; Thank you; I love you’, used to only be ‘Thank you, I love you’, before we began destroying our home, this Earth. Giving thanks is natural and indeed needed. We as Westerners can probably most likely relate this to prayers before eating, perhaps in a religious concept, which it need not be. Simply to remember with true respect allows us to keep it all sacred.

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Discovering Kleshas

Kleshas are something I’ve known of my whole life, but had never put a name to. Basically, they’re all the pesky things holding you back. Or more literally, ‘poisons’. They come under five main titles: avidya (ignorance), asmita (ego), raga (attachment), dvesha (avoidance) and abhinivesha (fear). From a Yogic perspective these are seen as the root cause of all suffering.

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Call To Peru

There is a certain kind of magic that I experience when I am in Peru that is hard to express in words. In the weaving of majestic landscapes, humble people, its’ culture, ancient history and mystical treasures, transports me to a place where I feel like everything vibrates and shines a bit more brightly. A place where I feel like the veil between this world and the spirit world is at it’s thinnest. A place where I feel more vitally alive…

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