Breathe Intent

When we are born, the first thing we do (before all the crying) is breathe.

This is why, in Yoga, we must always return to the breath. This life-sustaining force that welcomes prana (life-force energy) into our being, connects us back to those first innocent moments here on earth.

During Asana practise, we use the breath as a guide for our movements – inhalation for expansion; exhalation for the release.

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The Meaning Behind Mala & Mantra

Have you ever seen those beads that spiritually-inclined people tend to wear around their necks? Ever wondered what they’re all about?

Originating in Hindu and Buddhist culture, I first encountered Malas in Thailand and later again during my travels through India. I was aware they were prayer beads, similar to those used in Christianity, yet their deeper meaning escaped me on these trips.

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