My Journey into Awakened Spirit’s Sacred Earth 200 Hour YTT

Embarking on such a journey with the unique and genuine souls I was surrounded by was such a pleasure amongst these teachings. As one of the most wholesome periods of my life thus far, it set me up on a path to places I can envision with so much clarity in the future. One of my intentions was to find more direction and I now know I’m becoming ever closer to my calling as I seek to maintain that inner peace we’re all so fond of.

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Discovering Kleshas

Kleshas are something I’ve known of my whole life, but had never put a name to. Basically, they’re all the pesky things holding you back. Or more literally, ‘poisons’. They come under five main titles: avidya (ignorance), asmita (ego), raga (attachment), dvesha (avoidance) and abhinivesha (fear). From a Yogic perspective these are seen as the root cause of all suffering.

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A Ritual for Equinox

March 20th at 12:15pm EST marks the time of the Vernal Equinox in the northern hemisphere. A day when light equals dark. A day to celebrate balance. A day to initiate and celebrate new beginnings, to plant the seeds of our collective future. As the sun moves into Aries, we once again find ourselves at the first sign of the Zodiac, the beginning of the astrological new year, and an auspicious time to take stock of where we are at, release what we no longer need and take action towards an optimal future state.   

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