Living your yoga

Heart Centered Leadership

Our minds are pretty awesome – no doubt – our mind organizes our thoughts, helps us to prioritize, keeps us safe and regulates many of our bodily functions so that we don’t have to. Awesome. Thank you mind! However, if we are interested in truth, alignment and expansion, the heart is our champion. The heart knows what’s up and spending time developing a connection to and relationship with the heart is a beautiful way learn more about yourself and to receive guidance that is alignment with your highest purpose.

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New Moon Ritual: Practicing the Law of Attraction

With the upcoming New Moon, we are gifted the opportunity to align our energy with the energy of the Universe and it’s natural cycles and rhythm. As the sky becomes dark, we are encouraged to focus our attention inwards. This is the ideal time to connect with your inner-knowing of intuition and connect to the seeds of your desires. It is a powerful time to practice the law of attraction.

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The Art of Surrender: In Light of the Full Moon

The truth is though, there is so much beauty in surrendering. The art of surrender requires you to get out of your own way and allow life to flow with grace, even though it may not feel or look that graceful at the time.

To do this, you must accept that what you’re holding onto, or what you are resisting, is not working. This requires trust. Trust that perhaps you are being guided in a different direction.

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