A Glimpse into Mindfulness Meditation

by Leza Lowitz Mindfulness is often defined as present-moment awareness of thoughts, emotions, body sensations and surroundings through a gentle lens. The practice of mindfulness is paying attention to thoughts, feelings and physical sensations without judgement—without labelling them “right” or “wrong.” Tuning into the present moment just as it is; not rehashing the past or […]

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The Meaning Behind Mala & Mantra

Have you ever seen those beads that spiritually-inclined people tend to wear around their necks? Ever wondered what they’re all about?

Originating in Hindu and Buddhist culture, I first encountered Malas in Thailand and later again during my travels through India. I was aware they were prayer beads, similar to those used in Christianity, yet their deeper meaning escaped me on these trips.

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Call To Peru

There is a certain kind of magic that I experience when I am in Peru that is hard to express in words. In the weaving of majestic landscapes, humble people, its’ culture, ancient history and mystical treasures, transports me to a place where I feel like everything vibrates and shines a bit more brightly. A place where I feel like the veil between this world and the spirit world is at it’s thinnest. A place where I feel more vitally alive…

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