Breathe Intent

When we are born, the first thing we do (before all the crying) is breathe.

This is why, in Yoga, we must always return to the breath. This life-sustaining force that welcomes prana (life-force energy) into our being, connects us back to those first innocent moments here on earth.

During Asana practise, we use the breath as a guide for our movements – inhalation for expansion; exhalation for the release.

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Yogic Permaculture – Thriving Inside & Out

In which ways do Yoga and Permaculture intersect?

Whilst on Awakened Spirit’s Sacred Earth Yoga Teacher Training, the Principles of Permaculture were passed along to us. Permaculture is the sustainable merging of people with nature that creates an ecosystem for all to thrive in. The ideals of this concept were coined by the duo David Holmgren and Bill Mollison and have since inspired many conscious humans (including myself!) to live by their values. This echos beautifully what yogic philosophy teaches us: when we embody these ancient principles, we are forging and creating a more harmonious existence with the world within and around us.

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