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Infant and Pregnancy Loss Certification with Doula School International

Provide Support

25% of Canadians experience loss at some point in their fertility journeys.

Perinatal loss is more than the loss of a baby, it’s the loss of a relationship, the loss of dreams and hopes.  Subsequently, feelings of shame, guilt, isolation, and disenfranchised grief are common when perinatal loss is present.


Grief is often invisible and as an Infant and Pregnancy Loss Support Person, you will be offering invaluable assistance that can have a lasting effect. This is important work in the world as many individuals and families don’t know where to turn for help during this challenging time. 


The field of perinatal loss is a vast landscape covering preconception and assisted conception issues, early and late miscarriage, abortion including genetic/medical termination, prematurity, stillbirth, and neonatal death. The goal of this course is to provide support persons with the resources, tools, and knowledge to work with families across the vast spectrum of perinatal loss. 


This comprehensive course helps you, as the support person, reflect on the impact of the experience and the environment of loss.  With an emphasis on communication and the expression of individual grief, this course equips you with the information you need to compassionately support families through this difficult time.

After this training, you will:

  • Be uniquely equipped with the ability to provide information and answer questions about infant and pregnancy loss through multiple stages and experiences.
  • Confidently be able to professionally communicate about loss and cultivate trusting relationships; both with clients and with other professionals.
  • ​Be able to normalize, validate, and refer clients to loss and grief support services.
  • Have completed all assignments and requirements for your training.

You will be provided with a certificate of completion as an Infant and Pregnancy Loss Support Person.

Ideal for:

  • Birth workers, such as doulas or students (nurses, midwives) working towards becoming primary care support in a birth environment.
  • Practicing primary care practitioners interested in developing their skills in compassionate companionship and communication.
  • Persons working in a support role in their community who serve bereaved families (e.g. not-for-profit associations, or peer-to-peer organizations).
  • Persons who are interested in providing one-to-one support for bereaved families before, during, and after the loss of an infant or maternal family member.
  • Professionals who work in an emergency environment that may witness infant or maternal mortality.

The Infant and Pregnancy Loss course is delivered through a combination of 4 LIVE webinar sessions with your instructor and 10 online self-guided modules.


Duration and Effort:

50+ Hours

4 LIVE Mandatory Webinars

10 Modules of Self-Guided Online Learning

Required Reading

1-24 months to complete


Infant and Pregnancy Loss Support Person


8 hours of direct contact with your instructor throughout the LIVE modules

Each cohort also has access to a supportive forum of peers, offering a safe space to ask questions, share resources and enhance learning

Ongoing one-on-one support from mentors is available through email and scheduled meetings


Self-directed learning modules and 4 LIVE classes

Students are responsible for purchasing or borrowing the required reading

Start Anytime, Anywhere

Embark on Your Learning Journey Today

We offer flexible learning to help you achieve your personal and professional goals of supporting families through infant and pregnancy loss.

LIVE Webinars are offered twice a year with your instructor. 

These webinars will enhance your learning experience and offer a time to collaborate with your peers and receive mentorship from your instructor. Attendance at the 4 LIVE Webinars is mandatory for certification completion within a 24-month period. Students are only required to attend each of the 4 required classes once. 

Check out the 2024 LIVE Training Dates:
Session 1


Sessions 2

Class 1 – Wednesday, September 18, 7:30pmEST
Class 2 – Wednesday, October 2, 1:30pmEST
Class 3 – Wednesday, October 16, 7:30pmEST
Case Studies Class – Thursday, November 7, 1:30pm EST


Learn from home
$349 USD*
  • Each student has 24 months to complete the following requirements:
  • Completion of 10 online modules through Doula School International’s Learning Center
  • Completion of 6 core assignments (found throughout modules) in topics such as community awareness, community partnership, cultural support, grief, and loss support, professional communication, and institutional policies and protocols
  • Completion of 2-3 page reading review for Through, Not Around, and an additional 3 readings with reviews of the student's choice from our curated list.
  • Completion of 8 Educational Units in related topics to infant or pregnancy loss.
  • Completion of Bloodborne Pathogen Educational Unit (2 EU credits).
  • Support for two families through 1 of 3 support options (direct support, volunteer support, or workshop support).signments designed to enhance your learning experience and comprehension
  • Completion of final reflection paper.
  • Completion includes the final submission of all training requirements and examinations.
  • Once complete, you will receive a certificate as an Infant and Pregnancy Loss Support Person.

Why Choose Our Program?

Here at Doula School International, our commitment is to provide an exceptional learning journey, ensuring you’re equipped with the knowledge to confidently step into the role of an Infant and Pregnancy Loss Support Person.


• We use diverse philosophies, teaching methods, and adult learning techniques, ensuring you feel fully prepared to support individuals and families through loss and grief.


• Experience an immersive 50+ hour exploration into community awareness, community partnership, cultural support, grief and loss support, professional communication, and institutional policies and protocols.


• Join a global movement dedicated to enriching birth experiences and advocating for the rights of pregnant and birthing individuals worldwide.


• Our HYBRID program offers the flexibility of self-study combined with live sessions, allowing you to dive in at your convenience.


• Plus, you’ll become part of a vibrant community of thousands of birth workers, doulas, and perinatal experts, available round the clock through our online platform.


• Create genuine connections and make a tangible impact in people’s lives as you expand your client services and support families through challenging times.


• Gain the skills to offer invaluable support to families as they prepare for their new addition and navigate unforeseen challenges.


And, you can forget about annual membership or renewal fees—we believe in transparent and accessible learning.

Discover Why Doula School International Stands Out:

Recognized Worldwide: 

Our certification program is globally recognized. The knowledge you gain is not just relevant but also culturally sensitive, backed by a certification and organization renowned worldwide. This recognition underscores the credibility, depth, and quality of our training curriculum over the past two decades.


Exceeding Expectations: 

Our certification surpasses industry standards. It signifies comprehensive training, ensuring you’re equipped with the essential skills and knowledge needed in this profession.


Leading the Way: 

As a top training institution, we’re proud to help every individual lay a strong foundation and develop their skills. We offer ongoing and meaningful professional development opportunities, from industry leaders and visionaries in the field, so you can stay current and up to date.


I think this is a wonderful and much needed program. I see this specialty really helping so many lives. Even as a trained midwife I learned so much! I was personally guided and mentored through this entire journey and was provided with honest and constructive feedback that I greatly appreciate.

Rachelle Stimac

I must say, I enrolled for the holistic program and I’ve listened to the first audio introduction and OH MY I am excited! This course is what my dreams are made of. Cannot waaaait to have these tools under my belt. Doula School is incredible. I am so grateful for you!


The videos on these modules for the dual stream are SO GOOD. First of all it’s great to be able to see/hear you guys especially as a home-study person and secondly so much of the content is covering stuff I was really wondering about (e.g what is meant by emotional support, and the nuances of relationship building with primary care folks). Loving it!!


Training with Doula School to become a Birth Doula has been an amazing positive experience in my life. I feel so blessed to have joined a sensational group of women pushing the bar to educate, encourage and empower women during the most incredible journey of their life.

Training Framework

Whether you’re looking to deepen your knowledge or expand your offerings as a birth worker, we’ve designed this training to provide actionable steps to feel confident as an Infant and Pregnancy Loss Support Person.

Expertise in Dealing with Grief and Loss

Understand community awareness, partnership, grief, and loss support, professional communication, and institutional policies and protocols.

Diversity and Inclusion

Explore historical, cultural, and sociological factors, learning to level-up support for families from various backgrounds.

Compassion and Support

Understand the role of an Infant and Pregnancy Loss Support Person, emotional support, comfort measures, and advocacy.


The LIVE seminars and online learning modules are an opportunity for students to gain awareness about theoretical concepts around loss, grief, trauma, and companionship.  There are many resources, articles, videos, and methods to test your ability to support others in loss.


  • What is Grief and Loss?​
  • Anatomy, Physiology, and Experiences of Loss
  • The Role of a Loss Support Person
  • Caring for Baby​ and Honoring the Memory in Grief
  • Memorial Arrangements and Community Support ​
  • Communication, Support, and Listening Skills ​
  • And much more related to companionship, counseling, and community resource development

Our Infant and Pregnancy Loss Support Person program is set at a one-time membership and certification fee of ​$349*.

We do not charge annual membership or renewal fees.

The cost of required readings (4 total) and the cost of educational unit workshops for EU credits (10 total) are additional costs to the student.
Approximate costs for books: $100-150
Approximate costs for EU workshops: $100 to $250 (there are many free options).

Our one time fee covers:
  • Student reference guide (online access)
  • Assignment grading
  • Online mentorship (as requested)
  • Administrative costs
  • Membership into our peer network
  • Access to online learning modules, resources, and continuing education options

Support Families

Experiencing Infant and Pregnancy Loss


We are dedicated to empowering individuals like you to make a profound impact on families’ lives during their most important moments. 


Start your fulfilling journey and join our community of caring, compassionate and dedicated infant and pregnancy loss support workers.

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