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Are you considering a transition to a career as a postpartum doula, uncertain about where to begin and how to distinguish yourself?

Doula School International offers a comprehensive 50+ hour training program that transcends traditional courses—it’s a transformative experience that distinguishes you in the competitive landscape of doula education.


Enhance your skills, empower families, and embark on a rewarding journey in birthwork with us!

What Sets Us Apart:


  • Established Excellence: With over two decades of experience, Doula Canada isn’t just a training program; it’s a legacy. We are industry leaders, shaping and refining our curriculum to perfection. Our longstanding reputation and recognition ensure that you receive training from seasoned experts committed to your success.
  • Holistic Approach: Our training goes beyond the basics. We empower you with a holistic understanding of the postpartum doula role. From providing emotional support for parents and practical assistance with newborn care to skillfully navigating perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, our curriculum equips you with a diverse skill set that will help you be successful.
  • Community-Centric Philosophy: Rooted in traditional community support, our philosophy recognizes the void that modern parents often face. As a postpartum doula, you become an integral part of rebuilding that support system, offering not just care but a lifeline during the challenging transition into parenthood.

What Postpartum Doulas Do:


  • Emotional Support: Extend a compassionate presence, holding space for parents’ emotions and concerns during the transformative postpartum period.
  • Practical Assistance: Provide hands-on support with newborn care, instilling confidence and capability in parents as they navigate the early challenges of parenthood.
  • Education and Guidance: Doula’s equip parents with invaluable knowledge, empowering them through coaching and informational support.
  • Advocacy: Stand as a steadfast advocate for parents, ensuring their needs are met and facilitating connections to community resources for ongoing support through trusted referrals.
  • Holistic Wellness: Addressing not just the physical needs but also the emotional and mental well-being of families, fostering a comprehensive approach to postpartum care.

Ideal for:

  • Individuals aspiring to embark on a new career journey in birthwork
  • Expectant parents seeking to deepen their understanding of pregnancy and childbirth
  • Educators passionate about maternal and infant health
  • Birth doulas looking to enhance their skills and knowledge
  • Counselors dedicated to supporting families during the perinatal period
  • Healthcare professionals seeking comprehensive training in maternal care
  • Yoga teachers interested in integrating prenatal and postnatal support into their practice
  • Individuals committed to reproductive health and holistic wellness.

Duration and Effort:

Approximately 50+ hours

Flexible time frame: 1 to 24 months, depending on your preferred pace and enrollment option


Certified Postpartum Doula

Qualifies for membership in all provincial associations


Access to mentors for personalized one-on-one support

Numerous free and low-cost webinars for ongoing education

Enrollment Options:

Fully self-paced: Start anytime!

Live-virtual trainings

In-person course over 2 days

Flexible Learning Options:

Customize your learning journey with a range of enrollment options, such as Fully Self-Paced, Live-Virtual Course, or In-Person Course, designed to accommodate diverse learning preferences and schedules.

In Person

Engage with the Community
$695 USD*
  • One 30-minute personalized mentoring session.
  • Interactive in-person lectures and workshops led by experienced birth and labour doula trainers.
  • Immediate access to pre-course and post-course doula seminar modules.
  • Practical hands-on workshops covering postpartum support and newborn care
  • Engaging readings and assignments to deepen your understanding.


Learn From Anywhere
$695 USD*
  • One 30-minute dedicated mentoring session.
  • Live virtual workshops conducted via Zoom by expert postpartum doula trainers.
  • Instant access to pre-course and post-course doula seminar modules.
  • Hands-on virtual workshops focusing on postpartum support methods.
  • Comprehensive course materials and handouts provided.
  • Readings and assignments designed to enrich your learning experience.


Study at Your Own Pace
$600 USD*
  • Two 30-minute individual mentoring sessions.
  • Immediate access to Postpartum doula seminar videos.
  • Practical tutorials exploring postpartum support.
  • Interactive course assignments and supplementary resources.
  • Engaging reading materials and assignments tailored to deepen your knowledge.
Doula with parent and baby

Why Choose Our Program?

Experience a comprehensive 50-hour Deep Dive Into Postpartum Support

Join a Global Movement: Become a vital part of the worldwide effort to enhance the postpartum experience for families everywhere.

Create Meaningful Change: Make a tangible impact on individuals’ lives while pursuing a fulfilling career aligned with your passions.

Provide Essential Support: Offer priceless assistance to families as they form strong bonds with their newborns and navigate unforeseen challenges.

Course Credentials

Embark on a Global Journey in Doula Education

In today’s diverse and competitive environment, having an accreditation recognized across borders is essential.


Our program offers a comprehensive 50+hour exploration into every facet of postpartum support. From understanding physiological changes during the postnatal period to advocating for families of diverse backgrounds and lived experiences, we delve into physiological, psychological, sociological, historical, political, and spiritual dimensions, empowering you with holistic and practical knowledge.


Doula School International provides a certification esteemed at an international level.


Here’s why our certification stands out:

Global Institution: The skills and knowledge you gain from Doula School International are culturally relevant and backed by a globally recognized certification and institution. This recognition underscores the credibility, thoroughness, and standard of excellence maintained by our training program over the past 20 years.


Exceeding Industry Standards: Our certification surpasses industry norms and best practices in postpartum doula training. Our certification indicates that you’ve undergone comprehensive training, ensuring you possess the essential skills and knowledge required in this field.


Beyond being a premier training institution, we have pioneered hospital doula programs internationally. We take great pride in providing each person with a strong foundation, ongoing professional opportunities, and credibility for your career in birthwork.

Kind Words from Recent Graduates


I think this is a wonderful and much needed program. I see this specialty really helping so many lives. Even as a trained midwife I learned so much! I was personally guided and mentored through this entire journey and was provided with honest and constructive feedback that I greatly appreciate.

Rachelle Stimac

I must say, I enrolled for the holistic program and I’ve listened to the first audio introduction and OH MY I am excited! This course is what my dreams are made of. Cannot waaaait to have these tools under my belt. Doula School is incredible. I am so grateful for you!


The videos on these modules for the dual stream are SO GOOD. First of all it’s great to be able to see/hear you guys especially as a home-study person and secondly so much of the content is covering stuff I was really wondering about (e.g what is meant by emotional support, and the nuances of relationship building with primary care folks). Loving it!!


Training with Doula School to become a Doula has been an amazing positive experience in my life. I feel so blessed to have joined a sensational group of women pushing the bar to educate, encourage and empower women during the most incredible journey of their life.

Learn Your Way:

Your Journey Begins Here

In-Person, Self-Directed, or Live-Virtual; Select the option that works best for your unique learning needs and unlock exclusive benefits that support your preferences and lifestyle.

Prestigious Recognition:

In-Person: Immerse yourself in hands-on workshops and lectures, complemented by online resources. Benefit from course materials and a 30-minute mentorship session.

Live Virtual: Participate in interactive classes at your convenience, featuring two 30-minute mentorship sessions and a wide selection of online seminars and materials.

Self-Directed: Experience dynamic and engaging virtual sessions from the comfort of your home. Meet a community of doulas and enjoy the perks of live learning without the need to attend in-person.

Personal Mentorship: No matter which learning path you choose, you’ll receive personalized mentorship. Engage in up to two 30-minute Zoom consultations with our experienced mentors, who will guide you through every step of your doula training journey.

Doula Training Framework

Whether you are aiming to enhance your skills, transition careers, or grow your birth business, our training modules are designed to offer strategies for success in the field of birthwork.

Training and Specialization

Learn about the elements of care and how we use them to support families through the Postpartum period.

Certification and Experience

Get step by step support throughout your certification journey to become a Doula School International Certified Doula.

Doula Certification and Experience

Business Building

Fast track your birth business. From marketing, to technology, we teach doulas how to run a successful business.

Business Building

Curriculum Overview

Postpartum Changes
  • Explore the normal physiological changes in the postpartum body.
  • Learn to identify warning signs during the postpartum period.
  • Discover comfort measures for new parents.
  • Access referral sources for additional support.
  • Understand normal newborn characteristics. newborns.
  • Recognize warning signs in newborns.
  • Learn diapering and bathing techniques.
  • Explore soothing techniques for newborns.
Perinatal Mood Disorders (PMADs)
  • Learn how to support families through PMADs.
  • Understand the differences between various PMADs.
  • Provide resources for coping with the “Baby Blues” and other PMADs.
  • Explore the doula’s role in supporting postpartum mental health.
Supporting the Family
  • Learn strategies to support the transition to parenthood.
  • Understand how to provide sibling support.
  • Gain skills to support parents with babies in the NICU.
  • Learn to support parents with special needs babies.
  • Understand healthy relationship structures and how to support them.
  • Explore partner or family support as a postpartum doula.
Diversity and Inclusion
  • Review the history of the early postpartum period and understand its current context.
  • Learn about the history of postpartum community support.
  • Explore various issues affecting under-resourced families and learn how to offer assistance.
  • Understand how to work with families from diverse cultures, religions, and backgrounds to enhance your support.
  • Reflect on your own biases and knowledge gaps.
Doula Business
  • Discuss strategies for attracting your first clients.
  • Learn how to establish and grow your doula practice.
  • Explore various options for working as a doula.

Join our Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula Dual Certification Course.

Explore the Value and Benefits of Enrolling in Both Courses Together

When you sign up for both the Birth and Postpartum Doula Training simultaneously, you unlock a holistic perspective and a comprehensive skill set to assist families throughout the childbirth and postpartum journey.

This combined training offers:

Enhanced Client Support – Develop a deeper understanding of the entire birth process, allowing you to deliver continuous and comprehensive care to families from pregnancy to postpartum.


Expanded Business Opportunities – Broaden your service offerings by providing inclusive and holistic support, positioning yourself as a versatile birth and postpartum doula within your community.


Heightened Confidence
– Attain extensive knowledge and practical experience in supporting families through all stages, bolstering your confidence as a doula.

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