Birth and Postpartum Doula Training IN PERSON


Love learning IN-PERSON?


Immerse yourself in our hybrid program, combining in-person sessions with self-directed modules for a powerful learning experience.


Spend 5 impactful days diving into the foundational content to become a birth & postpartum doula. Connect face-to-face with peers and instructors, and leave inspired and prepared to begin your journey.


Our Birth & Postpartum Doula training will deepen your confidence in compassionate support and the best birth and postpartum practices.


Experience our one-of-a-kind demonstrations and mentorship, designed to make your journey to becoming a birth and postpartum doula both rewarding and fulfilling.

Browse through the dates provided below to enroll in our in-person training sessions. Select from a variety of dates and locations to find the one that suits you best.

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Birth and Postpartum Doula Training

Our Birth & Postpartum Doula IN PERSON Hybrid training offers an authentic journey to ignite your career.

Learn the essential foundations, such as:


  • Mastering effective communication within the doula profession
  • Understanding childbirth physiology and the birthing process
  • Utilizing coping mechanisms and providing additional support during birth
  • Navigating medical options and supporting clients in hospital or home birth environments
  • Implementing postpartum support practices for new parents
  • Providing lactation and feeding support to families
  • Developing successful doula business practices, including contracts and client relations
  • Advocating for clients and practicing client-directed care
  • And so much more!


Unlock a wealth of tools and resources to inspire change within yourself and your community with intention, confidence, and collaboration!

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Our Instructors

Stefanie Antunes

Stefanie Antunes

Karena Dang
Karena Dang
Shandelle Ferguson
Shandelle Ferguson
Jennifer Fontaine
Jenn Fontaine
Andrea Paul
Andrea Paul
Asma Rahman
Asma Rahman
doula school training

Recommended for


Pregnancy Changes:

Explore conception, hormonal fluctuations, and effective support strategies for clients facing challenges during pregnancy.

Diversity and Inclusion:

Understand historical, cultural, and sociological factors to enhance support for families from diverse backgrounds.

Labor and Birth:

Learn about the doula’s role, providing emotional support, and implementing comfort measures, while advocating for clients during labor.

Medications and Interventions:

Gain insights into medication options, managing challenging situations, and providing support during cesarean births.

Doula Business:

Discover strategies for starting your practice, exploring various options, and conducting client consultations effectively.

Course Highlights:

  • 1x 30-minute session with your dedicated mentor.
  • Participate in in-person lectures and workshops led by your birth and postpartum doula trainer.
  • Gain immediate on-demand access to pre-course and post-course doula seminar modules.
  •  Engage in hands-on workshops exploring labor support and postpartum techniques.
  • Receive course materials and handouts tailored to your learning journey.
  •  Access reading materials and assignments to enrich your understanding.

TORONTO, ON. SEPT 20-24, 2024, LONDON, ON. OCT 18-22, 2024, EDMONTON, AB. OCT 18-22, 2024, SUSSEX, NB. OCT 24-28, 2024, WINNIPEG, MB. OCT 25-29, 2024, DARTMOUTH, NS. NOV 1-5, 2024, VANCOUVER, BC. NOV 1-5, 2024, MONTREAL, QC. NOV 22-26, 2024, TORONTO, ON. FEB 28-MAR 4, 2025, DARTMOUTH, NS. MAR 20-24, 2025, WINNIPEG, MB. APR 11-15, 2025, SUSSEX, NB. APR 24-28, 2025, VANCOUVER, BC. APRIL 25-29, 2025, OTTAWA, ON. MAY 23-27, 2025, TORONTO, ON. JUNE 6-10, 2025, OTTAWA, ON. SEPT 25-29, 2025, OTTAWA, ON. OCTOBER 18-20 and 26/27, 2025

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