Full Spectrum Doula



Doula School International presents the Full Spectrum Doula Training, offering an immersive educational opportunity to become a perinatal professional. 

This distinct program unfolds over 20 weeks, encompassing 12 virtual class sessions alongside diverse online modules.

What’s Included?

Upon successful course completion, you will receive:

  • Birth Doula Certification
  • Postpartum Doula Certification
  • Certificate in Infant and Pregnancy Loss Support
  • Fertility Doula Certification
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Key Highlights:

Full Spectrum Expertise: Explore trauma-focused birth and postpartum support, infant feeding, the significance of the reproductive narrative, and more. Develop a profound understanding of reproductive support that transcends conventional doula training.


Four Certifications, One Price: 

Apart from Birth and Postpartum Doula certification, participants can pursue certifications as a Fertility Doula and Infant and Pregnancy Loss Support Practitioner within two years, establishing a holistic and well-rounded foundation in reproductive support.


Time Commitment:

  • Anticipate spending around 6 hours per week on modules.
  • Dedicate 3-16 hours per week for live webinars, depending on the chosen format (weekly or weekends).
  • Allocate approximately 20 hours for assignments.
  • Practicum hours may vary depending on the length of births.
  • Total expected hours: approximately 120 hours.
  • Expect an estimated 48 hours of contact hours with instructors.

Course Format:

  • Gain access to modules comprising video and audio lessons, slide decks, handouts, links, resource lists, worksheets, and reflection or quiz questions.
  • Participate in live webinars with perinatal experts and mentors, fostering interactive learning and community building.
  • Complete module assignments and a final online exam to ensure optimal understanding and retention of material.
  • Provide practical support to three clients throughout the birth and postpartum journey within two years, meeting local doula association standards and qualifying for professional liability insurance.

LIVE VIRTUAL – June/July 2024, LIVE VIRTUAL – Sept/Oct 2024

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