Postpartum Doula Training IN PERSON




We’re excited to offer a hybrid program which primarily involves in-person sessions with a few self-directed modules.


You’ll engage in two days of immersive learning, diving into the foundational content to become a postpartum doula. 


This experience allows you to connect with others and your instructor face-to-face, leaving you feeling inspired and ready to embark on your journey. 

Our Postpartum Doula certification program is designed to enhance your confidence in providing compassionate support to families during the early stages of welcoming a new baby.


Our unique demonstrations and mentorship ensure that your journey to becoming a postpartum doula is an exciting experience that leads to a rewarding career.


If you have a passion for supporting others but prefer not to commit to an on-call schedule, our Postpartum Doula training is the perfect fit for you!

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In person Birth Doula Training

Our Postpartum Doula IN PERSON Hybrid training provides an authentic and sustainable approach to ignite your life’s purpose and meaning. Join us as we explore the transition to postpartum and infant care.


You’ll learn the essentials, including:


  • Effective communication in the doula profession
  • The recovery process and postpartum physiology 
  • Holistic support solutions and invaluable community resources
  • Postpartum relationships, family nutrition, and healthy habits
  • Providing feeding support and exploring feeding methods
  • Postpartum mood concerns and effective support strategies
  • Supporting infants and families with unique needs
  • Advocacy and client-directed care
  • Creating successful doula business practices, contracts, and client relations
  • And so much more!


This program equips you with the tools and resources to inspire change within yourself and your community with intention, confidence, and collaboration!

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Our Instructors

Stefanie Antunes

Stefanie Antunes

Karena Dang

Karena Dang

Shandelle Ferguson

Shandelle Ferguson

Jenn Fontaine

Jenn Fontaine

Andrea Paul

Andrea Paul

Asma Rahman

Asma Rahman

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What our students say
about this course

ClareOctober 2021
Read More
" This course has utterly blown me away. I signed up with the intention to fix my garden but what I’m learning has exceeded all of my expectations "
TobyJune 2021
Read More
"I am so grateful to your whole team for an incredible course. It has far exceeded my expectations and exposed me to lots of new ideas that I know I will continue to explore further."
NinaNovember 2021
Read More
"Material was rich! The easy and open minded personality of the teachers really helped. It Open my eyes on pattern and energy"
MarcFebruari 2021
Read More
"All the information was super practical and could be directly implemented. Really pleased with the course material and interaction with others during the Zoom sessions."
MaartenNovermber 2021
Read More
"Presenters were awesome. Information came from people who are doing it. No one presented the information as the only way to do it. It was very collaborative"

What Postpartum Doulas Do:

Emotional Support: Extend a compassionate presence, holding space for parents’ emotions and concerns during the transformative postpartum period.


Practical Assistance: Provide hands-on support with newborn care, instilling confidence and capability in parents as they navigate the early challenges of parenthood.


Education and Guidance: Doula’s equip parents with invaluable knowledge, empowering them through coaching and informational support.


Advocacy: Stand as a steadfast advocate for parents, ensuring their needs are met and facilitating connections to community resources for ongoing support through trusted referrals.


Holistic Wellness: Addressing not just the physical needs but also the emotional and mental well-being of families, fostering a comprehensive approach to postpartum care.


Our comprehensive curriculum delves into various aspects of postpartum support:

Postpartum Changes

  – Explore the normal physiological changes in the postpartum body.

  – Learn to identify warning signs during the postpartum period.

  – Discover comfort measures for new parents.

  – Access referral sources for additional support.


– Understand normal newborn characteristics.

– Recognize warning signs in newborns.

– Learn diapering and bathing techniques.

– Explore soothing techniques for newborns.

Perinatal Mood Disorders (PMADs)

– Learn how to support families through PMADs.

– Understand the differences between various PMADs.

– Provide resources for coping with the “Baby Blues” and other PMADs.

– Explore the doula’s role in supporting postpartum mental health.

Supporting the Family

– Learn strategies to support the transition to parenthood.

– Understand how to provide sibling support.

– Gain skills to support parents with babies in the NICU.

– Learn to support parents with special needs babies.

– Understand healthy relationship structures and how to support them.

– Explore partner or family support as a postpartum doula.

Diversity and Inclusion

– Review the history of the early postpartum period and understand its current context.

– Learn about the history of postpartum community support.

– Explore various issues affecting under-resourced families and learn how to offer assistance.

– Understand how to work with families from diverse cultures, religions, and backgrounds to enhance your support.

– Reflect on your own biases and knowledge gaps.

Doula Business

– Discuss strategies for attracting your first clients.

– Learn how to establish and grow your doula practice.

– Explore various options for working as a doula.


TORONTO, ON. SEPT 23-24, 2024, SUSSEX, NB. OCT 20-21, 2024, LONDON, ON. OCT 21-22, 2024, DARTMOUTH, NS. NOV 4-5, 2024, MONTREAL, QC NOV 25-26, 2024, DARTMOUTH, NS. MAR 23-24, 2025, SUSSEX, NB. APR 27-28, 2025, OTTAWA, ON. OCT 26-27, 2025


85 hours


5 – 10 hours per week


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