Andrea Paul

Birth and Postpartum Trainer, Admin Team

Andrea Paul


Andrea (she/her) is a caregiver at heart and loves to provide compassionate support to doula, families, and loved ones. A mother of 2 daughters, Andrea loves to spend time with her spicey children and entertaining pets. She enjoys spending time in nature, watching movies, and hearing her children’s laughter.


Andrea has found that supporting other doulas is so fulfilling that she eagerly assists doulas through training, mentorship, and continuing education opportunities. Her energy, excitement, and passion are contagious.



Andrea became a birth worker over 10 years ago when she saw a gap in support. While her initial introduction to doula work was becoming a birth doula to support her sister through birth, she quickly saw the need. Andrea loves the variety that doula support offers and how unique each birthing person and family are. As Andrea’s love for supporting families grew she became a postpartum doula, an infant sleep coach, and a lactation educator.


Helping families to reach their goals is incredibly rewarding. When seeing how challenging some experiences could be and how our culture generally is not as supportive as it could be, Andrea made a choice to jump in and try and change this. Her goals are to not only provide care to families, but also to help new doulas thrive so they can also change the world of the families they support. Andrea loves teaching and sharing knowledge.


As a childbirth, lactation, and infant sleep educator, she has the opportunity to help build capacity and assist families to feel more prepared to birth and parent. As a doula trainer, Andrea gets to experience the excitement of potential that each new doula has. There’s nothing quite like being in a room of new birth workers who are eager to learn and get out and support families.

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