Karena Dang

Birth and Postpartum Doula Trainer

Karena Dang


Outside of birth work, Karena (she/her) is also involved with YBB Connect (an organization that provides opportunities and resources for women in business in the Edmonton area) as a member of the Advisory Board, of which she enjoys helping the organization grow with inclusivity, diversity, and equity in mind. In 2021, Karena gave birth to her first (and currently only) child – several years after getting into birth work. She and her husband will be celebrating 20 years together, and their little family includes a cheeky Keeshond as well. In her personal time, she enjoys going for walks, exploring, cooking, going out for good eats, and getting competitive with tabletop games!



Karena’s path into birth work was paved for her in a way. She has completed her BEd and BKin, and for a long time (since she was a preteen), she thought that she would be teaching in a traditional school setting. In her last period of post-secondary schooling and soon after graduation, various people with no relation to each other shared their experiences about their birth and/or postpartum doulas because they thought that Karena would make a good doula.


Of course this prompted her to look into what being a doula entails, and she very quickly saw how transferable her knowledge and skills were from traditional school teaching into birth work.


Ever since she stepped into the perinatal world, Karena has enjoyed getting to use her educational and kinesiology background on a daily basis, in settings that support families right from the beginning of a baby’s life.


Karena’s passion in birth work (including what led her into the instructional role) is driven by her desires for more equitable access to information around birthing options, more inclusion of practices and birthers who often get forgotten in decision and policy making, and more diversity of birth workers in all roles. In her practice as a doula, her current ardor is supporting families in the Edmonton area seeking Asian postpartum support, including making nourishing confinement meals and drinks, and supporting birthers’ desires to have a gentler postpartum period in a busy world.

Courses with Karena

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