About Us

What Sets Us Apart from Other Schools?

Established in 2001, Doula School has a long history of offering quality training with a personal approach. “Certification with confidence” and evidence based approaches to resource and skill development are two mandates of our organization.  These are two of the many reasons we are a leading training for modern day doulas!

"We believe that through positive birth experiences, birthing people, children and families can be happier, healthier and closer. Our mission at Doula School is to train and mentor the next generation of birth workers. We can’t wait to meet you."

Stefanie Antunes

President and Co-Director of Doula School International

Our Vision & Mission

At Doula School International, our mission is to co-create a global community of birth professionals who understand that every birth matters.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality doula training, emphasizing cultural competence and inclusivity.

Our commitment to advancing perinatal outcomes and improving perinatal health sets us apart as a distinctive and impactful institute, ensuring that our graduates serve families around the world with excellence and compassion.
Stefanie and Julia, owners

Our Foundation

We achieve our mission by:

Collaborating with organizations, non-profits, professional bodies, and stakeholders in reproductive support matters.


We do this by providing internationally accredited in-person and virtual programs that equip birth professionals with tools to empower and support pregnant people throughout their pregnancies, births and early postpartum periods.


We believe that education should be fun, useful and evidence-based. We carefully curate courses with facilitators who are experts in their field and who base their work on principles of anti-racism, diversity and inclusion.


We believe that how we birth matters and are committed to co-creating a community of people who can provide culturally competent and inclusive support to families all over the world in an effort to improve outcomes.


We provide internationally accredited in-person and virtual programs that equip birth workers with tools to empower and support pregnant people throughout their pregnancies and labor which we believe is very needed in this world. We believe that every birth matters and are committed to co-creating that reality together.

Our Promise

Our foundation is built on three key ideas:

Professional Development: Quality matters. We offer professional trainings in reproductive and perinatal health with top experts in the field, equipping our students with the skills and confidence needed to excel as perinatal support people.

Community-Care Approach: Our programs and approach are crafted from a trauma-informed and affirmative place, fostering a supportive and inclusive community.

Global Connection: We provide opportunities for our students to connect with birth workers and reproductive support persons worldwide.

Our Educational Pillars

We Believe:

Education should be inspiring and fun

Students should be taught ‘what they need to know’, not EVERYTHING there is to know on a topic

Knowledge is best built on what we already know

Embodied learning is better learning

We all come with skills/expertise

Diversity in our trainings promotes increased doula skills and compassion

Mentorship is a necessary component to success

There is teacher inside us all

Join our community

Our courses are accessible both through self-directed (at your own pace) learning, via LIVE virtual or in-person trainings, or through our envigorating global retreats.

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