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Questions about Doula School

Doula School runs several subdivisions. One of them is the Birth Doula Program, which operates to mentor new doulas and makes doula services more affordable for lower income families.

Yes, all of our yoga programs are approved by Yoga Alliance under our sister school Awakened Spirit Yoga. 

Questions about registration, deposit & transfers

We’re happy to make payment plans available on almost all of our programs. Please note that there is typically a small administrative fee involved as it requires a fair bit more work from our admin team to make the magic happen.

Once you receive access and have accessed your course content we are unable to provide you with a refund. If you still have a balance remaining, you are expected to complete the payment. We are, however, able to switch you from the current program, into a different program. So please contact us so we can make a satisfactory arrangement, thank you. You can find all of our policies at the link below.

Yes, a  change fee will apply and you may use your deposit for any other course of your liking within the next two years.

Both the doula and yoga professions are unregulated professions just about everywhere in the world. So there is no “doula police” to say what’s recognized or not. That being said many 3rd party payers have specific requirements requiring certification with certain schools to allow for client reimbursement. Please feel free to call us to inquire about your specific situation and we’ll answer your question. The list of approved 3rd party payers changes monthly!

Persons who have registered and have not accessed course materials may request a refund within 5 days from the original registration date. Any request made after the 5 day period, but within 30 days, will have a credit applied that can be used at a future date for any DSI program. The credit must be used within 1 year. A $150 fee applies to any refunded amounts requested within the 5 days from original registration or within the 30 days for the request to transfer funds to credit. This is non-negotiable.



No refunds are offered for programs or services at any time for courses where materials were accessed or were completed in full.


ALL deposits, plus the associated sales taxes are non-refundable.

Financing & scholarship questions

We are aware that committing to a training is an important decision and do our best to accommodate various payment options. Please contact us for information about payment plans and let us know how we can best support you.


Doula School is committed to making our trainings accessible to individuals and groups of all socio-economic situations. We offer partial scholarships to individuals who are BIPOC or in the LGBTQ community as they are underrepresented in the birth worker community and our focus is to create more equity and diversity in our profession.

Live in-person training

We encourage you to book whenever you are ready, knowing booking early often provides better flight pricing. We also strongly encourage you to book travel and cancellation insurance as we are unable to refund flight costs in the rare event of a cancellation (regardless of the reason). 

If you are interested in arriving earlier, you may be able to stay directly at the retreat location if they have availability. If you are interested, please contact the retreat location directly and ask about special pricing for the retreat.

We always try to support our students as best we can. For retreats we often help set up a shuttle for your arrival. The cost varies based on the number of students sharing the shuttle. Reach out to our main email for help. 

There is always some free time but it can vary from training to training. Please reach out to us for more info.

Full participation is required to complete the program and to receive your certification. Three hours of missed classes with a valid reason will be excused without makeup. Any additional hours missed will require communication with a facilitator and an action plan as to how hours can be completed. Additional costs may incur if one-on-one facilitator time is required to make up hours.

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of attendance. Once you have completed all the required steps to certification you will be fully certified. Check your specific program for full details. 

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